back to article Google's 7in tablet stalled for last-minute tweaks

Google fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Chocolate Factory’s much-hyped 7in tablet are going to have to wait a little longer after reports suggested it wouldn’t hit the stores until July. Taiwanese news site Digitimes got the tip from “sources from the upstream supply chain”, who said shipments of the first 600,000 …


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  1. stuartnz

    I'd been hearing July anyway, so this is fine by me. $199US should still come in under $300NZ, and I want a 7-inch not a 10-inch, so I hope that Goggle can put out the Fire with this one.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      What idiot would buy a Fire right now?

      The rubbish Amazon marketplace, chock full of old versions of a very small subset of Android apps, and only allowing you to run what Amazon deems will be profitable and not a conflict of their business.

      No thanks. Closed ecosystems suck.

      Wait for the proper deal. Hey you can even install the Kindle app on the Google tablet... And the Kobo one, and the B&N one, and Google Books....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Or are they heard what Apple are bringing out and are having to do a panic upgrade before they release it?

    Seriously though, there are so many android phones and tablets being released some with ICS some without and some wth a promise of ICS that I am getting all confused.

  3. ChrisInAStrangeLand

    The confusion of Samsung and HTC leaving their customers for dead after purchase? The Nexus line of phones and tablets is trying to address that confusion.

    Buying a Nexus means that the vendor is providing both first party support, and source code and packages of drivers for all of their hardware and custom software so that should they mysteriously have "delays" the community can provide it for them. No more laggy touchwiz binaries made built by work experience kid, no more promises of "in January we'll update your galaxy note to ICS, it'll have a 'premium pack' and everything." Nexus means yes the new version is available and everything works.

    1. Chet Mannly

      "The confusion of Samsung and HTC leaving their customers for dead after purchase? "

      What are you on about?

      Galaxy s 1 was upgraded to Gingerbread, and I'm posting this on a galaxy s2 running ICS.

      The nexus will get upgrades a few weeks faster, but you are being way over the top with the 'left for dead' bit.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    "...Asus was chosen as the manufacturing partner for this device partly because it was happy to produce a low-price model without fearing its brand would be undermined in doing so..."

    A fairly safe bet, given that people already associate the Asus brand with cheap crap, anyway.

    1. dogged

      Re: Bej'Asus!

      I think you mean "Acer". Asus make great kit. The only people who hate it are Apple fanbois.

    2. Robot

      I think you confused Acer with Asus

      Asus consistently ranks high in reliability rankings, Acer sometimes ranks low. I think you got them mixed up (their names sound almost alike). In the past year I bought a lot of Acer items (notebook, monitor, S200 phone) mainly because of the low price (and they are still good so far). Asus, on the other hand, is not a low-cost manufacturer, though not high-cost either.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: I think you confused Acer with Asus

        I apologise to Asus then and stand corrected. I did confuse the two.

        It's the one with the bridge stains on it.

        1. Grivas Bo Diddly Harm
          Thumb Up

          Re: I think you confused Acer with Asus

          Well done that man! Have an upvote on me.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Will it be "beta"?

    And just disappear from the market months later?

  6. David 164

    I cant see how this is a real delay, surely Google will release it own Tablet and along with a Aero enable chrome laptop at there next I/O event at the end of June, so a bit of slippage into the world wide release in July does not sound that bad or much of a delay.

  7. Lloyd

    $199 (£126)????

    You're using the proper exchange rate there aren't you? What you meant to say was $199 (£199).

    1. Richard 120

      Re: $199 (£126)????

      I was thinking the same thing, which will probably result in something similar to the samsung galaxy tab 2 7", the toshiba thrive 7 or the Acer iconia A100

      Probably a tegra 250 with 1Gb RAM, 8Gb SSD, 1280 x 800 screen or thereabouts.

      I look forward to it.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Chocolate Factory"?

    Don't you mean Asus rebrander?

  9. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    I'll buy one

    I just bought the 7 inch Samsung tablet and while it's a lovely piece of kit - removing all the crap applications before I could use it was a pain. I've got a Nexus S phone (unlocked without vendor crap installed) and I have to say that using a phone without all the vendor crap loaded onto it is a wonderful experience.

    So yes, I'll buy one ... maybe even two. 7in is a good size, particularly on a plane - hell, even the wife likes my 7inches ... (she's reading 50 shades of gray via the Kindle app in the tablet at school)...

    1. Luke McCarthy

      Re: I'll buy one

      Your wife likes my 7 inches too.

      1. ItsNotMe

        Re: Your wife likes my 7 inches too.

        Were you with her before or after me? Just wondering.

        Getting near beer-thirty............

    2. sam tapsell

      Re: I'll buy one

      Apples gift to the world is devices without vendor crap. The phone companies had to loosen their grip and try to compete after the success of the first iPhone, which has opened up the market. I think without iPhone, the phone companies would still be strangling all innovation and trying to push us into their crap portals all the time. Apple is helping the phone companies be the dumb pipes they truly are, which helps android users too.

      Apples mistake now is being servants to content providers, which is what killed sony from the digital music era. So, thank you apple, but loosen up please and let me run XBMC on my appleTV so i can use it as a frontend for mythtv. OK?

  10. h3


    Asus are the only motherboard manufacturer I have found where I have bricked a motherboard just by changing one setting. (type of sleep from S1 to S3). There was no way to get it out.

    I could have sent it back but I kind of thought it was partly my fault as it was documented on the net.

    It did really annoy me though.

    (Mothers computer that I manage (Only one I still do other than mine but fair is fair she has done far more for me than vice versa)). £125 motherboard - was told to just get another one by tomorrow and it doesn't matter just leave it.

    Gigabyte on the other hand have fixed any bios problems I have had really well. (APIC/HPET problems for Linux) I did work out what wrong first though.

    Dunno about Asus laptops (I use Thinkpads like the keyboards)

  11. HFoster
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    I just got on the Nexus train this year with my purchase of the Galaxy Nexus. I'm probably due for a tablet upgrade (my first generation Galaxy Tab is still going strong, but ICS seems to be a myth where it's concerned), so a Nexus class tablet sounds brilliant. And it'll cost (hopefully) a lot less than my Galaxy Tab did brand new and unlocked.

  12. Mikel
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    I hope they make a lot of these

    Otherwise it's going to be hard to get my Christmas shopping done.

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