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There’s no shortage of iPad keyboard cases to choose from, but this one from Belkin, designed for the new iPad, has a neat trick up its sleeve: the keyboard is detachable, held in place by Velcro. Belkin YourType Folio That might not sound like a big deal, but it allows you to vary both the angle of the iPad’s screen and the …


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  1. Gordon 10

    what are the keys made of?

    glass scratchiing easy typing hardness

    glass friendly nasty typing softness

  2. Richard Ball


    I've got a really expensive open-top Mercedes*. (that has a massive fuel tank)

    It's very rarely sunny here, therefore I have a rigid plastic roof that came from Halfords. It wasn't very cheap. It clips on top of the Merc, making it a bit like driving a rattly 2-seat saloon-car, but one that is more cramped inside than if I'd just gone and bought a normal car.

    It's cool though, because underneath there's my really expensive Merc, and I make sure everyone knows it, and for 2 days of the year I take the roof off to prove the point of it being open-topped. I keep a raincoat in the boot just in case.

    *(I haven't. this is figurative.)

  3. Mage


    A piece of cloth over the keys?

    Some Dell Laptops circa 2002 had an issue with some keys eventually marking the LCD.

    A Belkin product that might be worth getting? What a novelty. Maybe eventually a Mac Air will be like this?

  4. Tringle

    Only £80 extra to turn an iPad into something useful? Like a notebook that costs less than half the money and is vastly more capable.

    Can't see any fanbois buying it, it's just not overpriced enough. Or Shiny™ enough. And it's practical. Doomed I tell you, doomed.

  5. Simon 26


    1. Buy an etch-a-sketch from the Rotten Apple

    2. Then connect up a dodgy, wobbly keyboard that would shame a laptop from Trotters Independent Traders.

    = you have something almost as usable* as a cheapo laptop.

    * usable that is, if you ignore the wobbling, case/keyboard combination that is wobbling about on your lap and is a pain in the arse to type on.

    1. cd

      Re: Fantabulous

      3. Buy a proprietary connector just to be able to save your work to another drive.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Call a spade a spade

    So this is basically a rescue deal for Apple-obsessed fashion victims...

    "Bought one of those crappy laptops without a keyboard? Feel inferior no more!"

    It's like buying a roof and doors for a quad bike.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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