back to article Oracle gobbles upstart Facebook, Instagram biz tout

Oracle has snapped up social media marketing company Vitrue for an undisclosed sum. Vitrue helps companies to market themselves online on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and will add to Oracle's suite of cloud services. "The proliferation of social media and an increased demand by consumers to engage with brands across …


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  1. Alister

    Oracle Gobbles Upstart Facebook

    ...was how I first read that, and I thought Larry had got a new bitch...

    1. Adam Nealis

      Re: Oracle Gobbles Upstart Facebook

      I think you got it the wrong way round.

      It sounds like Larry, not Zucks is doing the sucking.

      Which would make Larry the bitch.

  2. noboard
    Thumb Up


    ..they decided not to invest in facebook shares, had a lot of cash sitting around doing nothing and decided to buy a company that doesn't earn a living marketing companies on facebook.

    Top move

    1. Fatman

      Re: `Top Move`

      What do you expect, after all they just had their asses handed to them courtesy of the jury verdict in the trial against Google.

      Allow me to be the first to predict that Oracle will find some reason to use this acquisition's IP in some lawsuit in the next 12 to 30 months.

      Eli$on and co would do well to turn in their immediate resignations, before the stockholders demand their heads `on a silver platter`.

  3. MurrayH


    "The proliferation of social media and an increased demand by consumers to engage with brands across multiple social channels is driving chief marketing officers to look for an integrated social marketing platform," said Thomas Kurian, executive VP of Oracle Development, in a canned statement.

    That has to be one of the dumbest things I have read this week. Consumers have not increased their demand to engage with brands across any media. Consumers generally do not want advertising at all. This myth is being perpetrated by Marketing people. If companies spent all those add dollars on 1) making better products and 2) putting all their product and company information in one place, so that consumers could make informed decisions and watchdogs could ensure they weren't lying their asses off, everyone would come out ahead (except for those Marketing people).

  4. Mad Chaz


    I really couldn't have said it better myself.

    Maybe the politicians should look into this instead of trying to make up something else to protect the kids from.

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