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Telstra has taken the unusual – in Australia – step of proactively announcing that a service has been compromised. The carrier has announced that it’s reset the passwords of 35,000 users of its GameArena and Games Shop services, stating that “the sites, operated by a third party company, were victims of a hacking attack.” The …


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  1. swivel

    How many more of these hacks is it going to take before these organisations wake up and smell the coffee? It is time to get real about authentication, everyone uses the same password for their private and buisness activity (even if they deny it in public) which is where the value is for the hackers. Telstra and others have a responsibility to find better ways of managing user access than simply relying on passwords.

  2. Ben Shurey


    So Telstra caused the compromise to occur, rather than wait for it to happen? Sorry to be a pedant but it peeves me when people use the word proactive when they mean reactive but quicker. Actually it annoys me when people use the word at all.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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