1. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Galaxy Note

    I know I'm not the only one here with one. How is it going for you?

    Last weekend I finally bit the bullet and did the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. Now the battery barely lasts a day, and almost all of the consumption is GPSD, even though I have GPS disabled.

    1. Overflowing Stack

      Re: Galaxy Note

      I've got the note 3 and GS3, I use them both for beta testing app dev and the Note3 is fantastic, but a little heavy after awhile. I even can now use it one handed (even in the massive rubber case I have for it).

  2. NickJohnson

    Battery back-up is a problem for me too....

    I always have to carry charger with me, in case of emergency I may need it.......

  3. badra100

    Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 are brilliant smartphones - essentially, the one that can be deemed the best is the one that caters to everything you're after in a phone.

  4. badra100

    just view this one, its galaxy ace 3 my favorite. http://www.mobilephonesets.com/samsung/galaxy-ace-3.html

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just got a Galaxy Note 3...

    And the battery lasts 1 day with heavy usage, 3 days with low usage.

    Also it's shiney!

  6. incredibleairplaneparty

    yeah, and S Pen are the most accurate pen for phone ever.

    I even tried some other pen on Ipad, but cannot write and sign exactly compare to what appeared in Note.

    1. thinkline123

      I agree with you. The S Pen are perfect.

  7. Small Cog

    So... when is Note 4 going to be available for sale?

    Can't wait since I resolved not to buy a Note 3 before that :)

  8. teensystudios

    I have Samsung Note 2, but its battery timing is good.

  9. incredibleairplaneparty

    I'm waiting for anyone's feedback on note 4 edge. it's so awesome in CM

  10. ria321

    Galaxy Note

    Really galaxy note is very expensive smart phone.galaxy note 3,4and 5 that's really very nice android phone for coming modern man.Galaxy note all series is looking nice and its work very fast.I like galaxy note and it's series very much. Because it has big screen and large power battery phone.All types of android game playing in this phone very smoothly.

  11. raees

    Galaxy note 3 is now available at much lower price. In fact for 233 pounds as of today. I had bought a used one earlier, however now I would soon buy it as price is much attractive.

  12. Neil_Hines

    What the price of Galaxy Note 4 and 5 now. Anyone know what's the price of these two smartphones?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Note 4/5

    Not that expensive, if you go for a used one (ie end of contract) and the previous owner has been careful with it. I'd spring for a new battery however as mine has failed in less than 1.7 years.

    Interestingly the main problem with the other unit is a bad screen: some of the early ones burn in with the keyboard really badly if you use it frequently.

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