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As a long-time user of Catch Notes it was going to take something quite impressive to get me to jump ship to arch-rival Evernote but a recent update and integration with the latest versions of HTC's Sense have persuaded me to do so. The upgrade has brought a new Ice Cream Sandwich-esque design to the app. There’s still an …


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  1. Fishy

    Does it work now?

    I tried this ages ago, and while it would let me create check lists on the pc, the android application would not allow me to then check them off. Seemed absurd to me that they couldn't get something that simple right. The PC application was also a resource hog. I changed to Springpad which was simple and got all that right.

    Have they now improved? Before I got the impression that if you had an iwhatever it was good, but it was dreadful on android.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Bloated loser-ware if ever there was some. Show me an application that has less of a clue as to what it's trying to be and I'll buy you a beer.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Re: Nah

      Well said.

      Evernote might look pretty and have an impressive feature list but, as someone who misguidedly signed up for a Pro account after taking the freebie version for a quick spin, I've got to agree with AC. It's a bloated, painfully slow lump of crap. I can't remember the last time I saw so many jaw-droppingly bad usability decisions incorporated into a single app.

      Unfortunately it's so universally and unquestioningly belovēd of the internet press, that I sometimes think criticism of it might have been made a capital offence.

  3. spencer

    Forgot to mention.....

    that you have to register for an evernote account. Which is why I won't use it.

    Also I hear it's non trivial to export notes into something useful - you know, keep and store the data you've created

    1. DaveyDaveDave

      Re: Forgot to mention.....

      How did you manage to post this, if you only register for things that are absolutely essential?

      I just managed to export all my notes in about 3 clicks File > Export > HTML. I got a pretty neat little index page that links to individual HTML pages of my notes. Not the broadest set of options for exporting, but certainly useful and pretty trivial...

      1. spencer

        Re: Forgot to mention.....

        My point was that the review does not mention that you *have* to register. Surely that's something worth knowing?

        Fair point on the exporting.

    2. I'm Brian and so's my wife

      Re: Forgot to mention.....

      If you don't have an account how will they identify you & the data you store on their servers? Don't forget that your notes are available from your phone or PC.

      Given the range of formats a single note could potentially contain, in what format would you envisage the exported file?

      It may be that something like Astrid may suit your needs. It links into the tasklist on your Gmail account. I'm currently migrating from the former to the latter, with a view to having a joint to-do / research list with Mrs Brian.

  4. Michael Kean

    Gmail Drafts

    If you want a simple place to stick random notes, just stick them in your Gmail drafts folder. (ie write an email, click save instead of send.) These will sync nicely to your IMAP email program (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, ThunderBird, etc.) without having to deal with EverNote's crap.

    On Android, you can also create a home screen shortcut to your Drafts folder for one click access.

    1. ddm

      Re: Gmail Drafts

      Similarly, you can take advantage of the fact that you can add "+whatever" to your email address and the email will still be delivered to you.

      e.g. If you're "" you can send emails to yourself at "" and it will still be delivered. You can then use gmail's filtering to spot the "+notes" part , add a "Notes" label to the mail and skip the inbox.

      Then all your notes get tagged correctly and don't interfere with your Drafts folder.

  5. DrXym Silver badge

    I wish there was a notes app built in

    Doesn't have to be much, just something you can type or scribble in. That would probably suffice for 90% of people.

    1. I'm Brian and so's my wife

      Re: I wish there was a notes app built in

      I've got a Samsung Galaxy S (mk 1). It came with a memo app - is that what you're after?

      1. Dcope

        Re: I wish there was a notes app built in

        This is what i thought and with a galaxy note i can scribble on them:)

        1. DrXym Silver badge

          Re: I wish there was a notes app built in

          I don't have a Galaxy S phone. I have an HTC desire which has a really crappy sticky notes widget that transforms writing into illegible scrawl.

          I think it would be nice to have something built-in. Nothing fancy, just functional.

  6. mrmond


    1. joejack

      ...does the same thing, but (so far) is free.

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  8. Tezfair

    so thats what it is

    Still removed it off the clients new computers before running it.

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