back to article Oracle juices homegrown Xen to match own-brand Linux

System maker Oracle has upgraded its version of the Xen server virtualization hypervisor with its own variant of the Linux kernel to bring it in synch with its Enterprise Linux server operating system distro. The new Oracle VM Server also includes some nips and tucks specifically for admins babysitting hypervisors. A bare- …


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  1. Bob Vistakin

    "its own variant of the Linux kernel"

    Does Linus know these jerks are using his API, since they are currently arguing in court that all software API's are copyrighted?

  2. Oninoshiko


    But even if the API is copyrighted (shudder), Linux distributed it under the GPL, which lets them redistribute

  3. Vic

    > The kernel will however report that it is at the 2.6.39 level, but ignore that.

    What? Is this true? Have they patched the kernel to mis-report its version?


    The whole point of version numbers is to know what you've got. Bodging the code to lie about its version is just going to end in tears.


    1. No, I will not fix your computer

      Nahh..... that's only the Hypervisor, it's not relevant to anything that the VM runs within itself, given that Oracle are in complete control of the HAL then it's probably deliberate.

  4. Stevie


    So I'm guessing this is a death knell for Solaris then.

    Keep going, Oracle. The more you sandbox your database the less attractive your overpriced products will be and maybe, just maybe a much deserved market downturn will force a bit of introspection on what the customer needs as opposed to what you can make them buy.

    Why yes, I *have* just watched Oracle support techs spend three months not configuring their own software to run on Solaris.

    Which you'd think Oracle techs would understand how to do on account of the heavy training and r&d vis-a-vis Orcale s/w on Solaris that would have been job one on acquiring Sun.

    I mean, if there was any real future for Solaris in Oracle's strategic thinking that would be essential, right? Otherwise you'd just end up looking like a bunch of clowns.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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