back to article Yahoo! gets! $7.1bn! injection! from! Alibaba! stake! sale!

Chinese e-commerce biz Alibaba has signed a deal to buy back half of Yahoo!'s 40 per cent stake in the company, marking the beginning of the end of their partnership. The web bazaar will fork out $7.1bn (£4.4bn) for the 20 per cent holding with the option to grab back the remaining stake if it later goes public with its stock …


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  1. Gordon 10

    Way to go guys

    So Yahoo are dying on their feet - albeit slowly and the best thing they can think to do with the cash from this is "return it to shareholders".

    Way to go guys - god forbid you might actually use it to fund another round of investment or actually supercharge your R&D. A 700% ROI is pretty good by anyones measure.


    1. Thomas 18

      Re: Way to go guys

      Yahoo is a sink, why pour more money down it? Shareholders need some love given the gradient of their stocks graphs at the moment.

      1. auburnman

        Re: Way to go guys

        Amen to that, given the company haven't done a GD thing of note in the last few years that wasn't firing executives or turning down amazing buyout offers, returning the money to shareholders is a) a no brainer and b) probably the last chance saloon for investors to see some money back.

  2. Bill Neal

    Not dead yet!

    like monty python's famous grail line. This also reminds me of SCO. How many times did they rise from the dead?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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