back to article Hey big spender: China set to take Asian IT spending crown

China’s ascent to the top of every conceivable tech rankings list is set to continue in 2013 when it becomes the biggest IT spender in Asia, leapfrogging ailing Japan as it prepares to fork out $173bn (£110bn) on tech kit, according to IDC. The analyst firm’s latest IT Black Book reckonings predict next year will see the …


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  1. mhenriday

    Crumbs of comfort for Mr Muncaster ?

    «The US has seen its pre-eminent position in the world, both as a global and financial superpower and IT consumer, increasingly challenged by the People’s Republic in recent years, however there were some crumbs of comfort from IDC.

    US spending is about 2.5 times the size of China's IT spending and is adding around $20-25 billion (£13-16bn) per year in incremental market value, whereas China's incremental growth is more like $16bn (£10.2bn), Fok explained.»

    «Crumbs of comfort» for whom ? Why should greater IT spending in the US than in China be «comforting» for anybody ? China has a much greater population and a much lower level of development ; isn't, then, the need for IT spending greater in that country than in the US ? Is it absolutely necessary for Phil Muncaster to play the role of spokesman för some sort of USA local patriotism in his Reg blogs ? «Just the facts, ma'am», as Joe Friday used to say ; Reg readers are surely sufficiently knowledgeable to draw their own conclusions....


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