back to article Google unleashes Chrome 19, flattens 20 bugs

Google released a major update to its Chrome browser on Tuesday that tackles 20 security vulnerabilities, eight of which are classified as high-risk bugs. Chrome 19 – a cross-platform update for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame – also includes a number of improved features such as tab sync. Google paid security researchers …


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  1. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

    "Expand Comment" still doesn't work on Linux...

    ...though weirdly it does on the Windows version.

    1. Miek

      Re: "Expand Comment" still doesn't work on Linux...

      Works for me on Linux using Chrome.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Just can't be arsed downloading it after putting up with its foibles.

    3. oregonensis

      Re: "Expand Comment" still doesn't work on Linux...

      Works for me on Linux with Firefox.

  2. AndrueC Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    That's all well and good but they should take another look at performance. I use Chrome on three machines and despite being very different hardware and OS they all become a lot slower at starting up over time. It seems to have something to do with the History. If you clear it down things speed up a lot.

    Unfortunately it doesn't fix the other problem which is Chrome occasionally just freezing for several seconds to half a minute. On my laptop it actually freezes the mouse pointer so I have to just sit there waiting for the HDD light to go out so that I can continue.

    It's almost enough to drive me to IE9 but I can't stand the font rendering on that :(

    1. toadwarrior

      I'd actually agree that over the past few months chrome's peromance has been worse. There are two issues as far as I can tell. Once issue seems to be related around pages with a fair amount of JS and flash. Seperately those things are fine now matter what but together they're rubbish.

      The other thing I defnitely know is an issue which doesn't affect firefox is chrome tries to fix poorly formed html. That would be ok but it seems to often get its panties in a wad after generating hundreds or even thousands of nested elements and no wonder it chokes trying to work with a unnecessarily large dom. Firefox, quite rightly leaves it alone or doesn't render it from what I see.

    2. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      I'm doing some heavy duty javascript processing, and Chrome's V8 engine is the slowest of the bunch. After updating to Chrome 19:

      Chrome ~500ms,

      IE9 ~300ms,

      FF ~100ms,

      Safari ~50ms.

      (Opera doesn't implement an API I'm using, so can't be tested.)

  3. robert_raw

    To AndrueC, I do alot of browser testing etc for my job, I must say, for all its faults (which there dont seem to be many compared to others), I have not personally experienced any slowdown or freezing.

    I have it running on my personal laptop, which is the slowest in the world and it is so much faster than IE or chrome.

  4. squilookle

    No problems with performance or Expand comments on Chrome (Windows) or Chromium (Linux) here.

  5. Locky


    Wow. That must be twice as betterer than Internet Explorer. I must install it immediately and declare how fast it is....

  6. Spearchucker Jones


    just seeing how comments work from the Windows Phone app.

    1. Martin 47

      Re: test

      Oooh thanks for that, you have just reminded me to check for an android app.

      Although, after reading the reviews, maybe I'll not bother

  7. Anonymous Coward

    The main prob I have with Chrome [on OSX] is that it has an annoying tendency to throw up "The DNS server stopped responding" errors, as if my network was down, when it isn't. Sometimes it takes two or three attempted reloads of a page, for it to 'connect' again.

    Apart from that, I still think it's the best browser around at the moment

    [Disclaimer: I'm actually using Iron, the Chromium based browser that's effectively Chrome, with all the Google spyware disabled]

  8. Anonymous Coward

    The Shitty Programming Language From Bell Labs Called

    ...C++. Responsible for most of the issues, apparently. But yeah, Pascal and Ada are so "old-fashioned". Especially when they come with range-checking on Arrays and reference counted pointers.

    1. Dummy00001

      Re: The Shitty Programming Language From Bell Labs Called

      No programming language is magically immune to the coding errors.

      But if you insist, I have for you some gigabytes of log files from a Java application filled with NullPointerException and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException reports.

      All the change of language does is to change how an error looks. In the end, it is still an error.

      1. Sean Timarco Baggaley

        Re: The Shitty Programming Language From Bell Labs Called

        You missed the point: Humans are fallible. Programmers are human, therefore programmers are fallible too.

        Java and Ada will run checks for those errors you mention at runtime. C++ will not. C++ just lets fallible human programmers go right ahead and compromise end users' computers without even trying. C was described by its own inventors as a "portable assembly language". Why the blazes did anyone think nailing OOP concepts onto it (very badly) was a good idea?

        C++ should never have been allowed to go any further than a university lab. It represents all that is wrong with the software development industry today.

        1. easyk

          Re: The Shitty Programming Language From Bell Labs Called

          How much programming do you do and what experience do you have with C++ ? I'd like to know how much I should value your opinion because I get the feeling I shouldn't. Personally, I've had nothing but good experiences with C++ but I mostly write low level code with it. I use boost:: where I can as well. For microcontrollers I use C of course.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: The Shitty Programming Language From Bell Labs Called

      Oooh someone's grumpy becuase they aren't getting the pay and recognition they want.

      Here's an idea. if your such an expert in coding, feel to to make a better browser. If not STFU.

      Now to grab a Iron update.

      PS. I use i.e8 & 9, FF, Opera and Iron, so don't think I could be classed as a fanbouy, I use the best one for the job. End Of.

    3. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      Re: The Shitty Programming Language From Bell Labs Called

      Reference-counted pointers? Use template <typename T> class std:shared_ptr<T>; (If you're not using C++0xb change 'std' to 'boost')

      Runtime bounds checking? Use the container's 'at' method; eg.. std:vector<int>{}.at(0) will throw.

      What language exactly are you programming? Or more to the point, when did you last program C++?

      1. Wilseus

        Re: The Shitty Programming Language From Bell Labs Called

        And have you actually SEEN the code that implements STL and the even worse Boost, Brewster? I have and it's not pleasant. That's why it's extremely easy to write bug ridden, flaky code in C++, because the standard libraries and the way you interact with them are so flaky.

        Sean who posted earlier is absolutely right. C++ is an abomination and should be avoided wherever possible.

  9. Brian 65
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    Have they changed it so I can put my tabs under the address bar? If not Im going to still avoid chrome.......

  10. Gis Bun
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    Yup. Here we go sagain. Google releases another version that fixes 19 vulnerabilities. Expect another update in about 2 weeks to fix the problems that this version caused. Chrome is the buggiest browser on the planet. I'd take any other browser over this piece of crap - even if it takes an extra second to display a page.

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