back to article's G-Cloud 2.0 pushes back launch date

The launch of the second version of the UK government’s IT shopping catalogue G-Cloud has slipped to the end of spring. G-Cloud 2.0 is now slated to arrive by “end of May to start of June”, the Cabinet Office has confirmed – which will be several weeks behind the planned early May rollout date. An announcement on the delay is …


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  1. LarsG

    'failed to anticipate the amount of work involved'

    Oh dear what a surprise LOL as Cameron would say.

    Idiots, managed by idiots, overseen by idiots.

    That is the history of the UK political classes.

  2. gerryg

    full of it

    "We are still committed to considering a full open-source solution"

  3. David Dawson

    Cynics abound, but I for one am happy that this is being attempted. It seems like the intention is break the oligopoly that has hold of government IT.

    Its not an easy thing, certainly, and mistakes are being made, quite obviously.

    Given all that, I'm happy this is being attempted. It might work, which would be a good thing all round (unless you are Capita)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    GCloud catalogue

    I must be missing something - the GCloud catalogue appears to be a piddly little database with a few hundred records, that will never have more than 10s of concurrent users. Why this is proving hard to do, why it ever needed to be done with proprietary technologies - mystery upon mystery. Unless there is some massive iceberg underneath, I've seen nothing of the GCloud catalgue that couldn't have been knocked up by an A Level student armed with a £50 Wordpress account and a couple of plugins.

    And for the beta, ditto but make that a £100 Wordpress account.

    I'll say one thing for these projects though - they are doing wonders for the careers of the talentless latte-fueled vapourheads charged with delivering them, who blog endlessly about their 'achievements' in one long fatuous self-congratulatory social-media circle jerk. If you've ever wondered what hapens to the losers who can't make it with the private sector digital agencies, they're all here.

    I blame Francis Maude. Someone send in the National Audit Office, quick

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