back to article The key questions you must ask to save your virty desktop dream

What is required for a successful stateless desktop deployment? Planning. Every implementation will be different, and experience has taught me that there are very few hard and fast rules. Stateless desktops are non-persistent, meaning that they get destroyed every time the user logs off and returned to a known setup. Proper …


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  1. jake Silver badge


    I've been able to get a shell prompt and do useful work on my computers under Bryant Street in Palo Alto from anywhere in the world for over a third of a century. Securely.

    Simplify. Glitter distracts from getting business done.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wrong questions

    The key question is what is the justification for VDI in the first place? That's where it always seems very tenuous indeed.

    Managing a desktop estate isn't that hard, and if you're doing it properly you get most if not all of the alleged benefits of VDI without all the complication, without all the performance issues and bottlenecks, without a large server farm and very expensive storage system. Etc etc. You can even do stateless on real desktops if you're so inclined.

    If you aren't willing or able to manage a desktop estate, you probably aren't in a position to manage VDI properly either, and the consequences of messing it up are a lot worse.

    Meanwhile, who came up with the word "virty"? Whoever it was, just stop it.

    1. schubb

      Re: Wrong questions

      Assuming all your desktops and IT are in the same general area, this is absolutely correct. However that is not the case for a great many shops. Sending a thin terminal out to a remote office where the average IT ability is "hit the printer on the side" when it says "add paper", is wonderful.

      Send the terminal, plug it in, and you are up and running...

      Everyone needs a new package? Well one install, no scheduling, no testing with the 13 models of desktop. Update the master image and everyone is done. No issue with one machine having ATI, one have NVIDIA, one having Intel and, choose one, one doesn't work properly. Now you are in for requisite testing, patching, reinstalling...

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