back to article Citrix snaps up Virtual Computer for VDI

It has been a busy week for desktop, server, and application virtualization juggernaut Citrix Systems, which is hosting its Synergy user conference in San Francisco this week. It's on the prowl to bolster its virty wares and to that end, it has acquired Virtual Computer, which has a different twist from the XenDesktop tools …


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  1. Kevin Johnston


    "which has a different twice from the XenDesktop tools that Citrix has created"

    I tried to to read this article, honest, but after hitting the above in the first couple of sentences I kind of gave up........any chance this could get a rewrite in English?

  2. Kevin Johnston


    That was a little harsh, I was polite and enthusiastic in my comment but apparently critisism is not permissable. I thought the El Reg normal practise was for the author to put a 'fixed it' or similar reply, not just to have ther post deleted.

  3. Vostor

    now really does virtualisation turn you on?

    its a complete pile of monkey poo.. who really cares virtualisation is another nightmare just waiting for admins dont get me wrong it has its place but really there 100 hundreds of solutions and most of them are pointless..

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