back to article Asian mobile web traffic TRIPLED in past two years

The percentage of users accessing the web from their mobile device has almost tripled in Asia since 2010 and in some countries mobile web traffic now accounts for nearly half of all browsing, according to new research from site monitoring firm Pingdom. The firm analysed data from StatCounter to reveal that, from 2010 to May …


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  1. Luke McCarthy

    Europe vs Asia

    All this really shows is the relative maturity of the respective wired broadband infrastructure.

    1. Dcope
      Thumb Up

      Re: Europe vs Asia

      Agreed, but flat rate hotspot enabled phones are becoming the norm, can see lots of people cutting the land line just like they did with mobiles. How many have a land line only used for broadband or as part of a package? once mobile data is good enough and can be share cheaply with other devices i can only see it rising, i know im helping push up that ratio my my galaxy note on threes unlimited data plan, the home broad band is only used for gaming and catchup tv atm.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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