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I looked at SkyDrive back in early 2011 and was impressed by the 25GB of free cloud storage that it offered. Unfortunately, it also suffered from the Microsoft’s traditional ‘designed by committee’ syndrome, and lacked the simplicity of rivals such as Dropbox and, more recently, Apple’s iCloud. Skydrive iOS app screenshot …


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  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Who wrote the software?

    When I see a couple of questions that require 'yes/no' answers articulated in the user interface with 'on/off' as the options, I begin to despair.

    Were the last twenty years of UI development *completely* wasted?

  2. Mark Wilson
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    Horrendous support on iPhone

    Try opening a .docx file on your iPhone with SkyDrive and the text ends up all over the place, really is unuseable for editing, even reading is best left for emergencies only as text ends up on top of other pieces of text and these are Microsoft's own files.

    As a concept it is great but these things need sorting.

  3. Miek

    Wow, a 2.33MB Snowboarding video; I bet it's awesome.

  4. Andy Watt
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    It's helped me rediscover SkyDrive...

    1. Went to cousin's wedding

    2. Took some pictures, wife took Canon EOS and took pictures too.

    3. Uploaded all to SkyDrive from PC (the web interface for SkyDrive photo upload is *outstanding* now - hats off to Microsoft, it even pops up a progress window for uploads which you can add to on-the-fly while it's uploading - excellent for large numbers of files, left it working overnight, did the lot)

    4. Started messing with pictures on iPad after downloading from SkyDrive using app (PhotoForge, InstaGram, etc...)

    5. Uploaded to SkyDrive from photo gallery, sent links direct from SkyDrive app to bride, etc

    I _attempted_ to do this using some iTools for Picasa, and was simply stunned by how awkard a) the web interface was and 2) all the tools for iPad / iPhone were.

    I'm genuinely impressed, and have started using SkyDrive again as a result. And I'm not usually a Microsoft product recommending kind of guy.

  5. Gerard Krupa

    7GB vs 25GB

    For existing users of SkyDrive, if you log in to at the moment there's a link at the top of the page that will allow you to keep your quota at 25GB.

    1. Dcope
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      Re: 7GB vs 25GB

      Thanks for that, any tips for best andriod app for sky drive quick check dosnt give an offical app as yet.

    2. fiatlux

      Re: 7GB vs 25GB

      Yes, that's the main reason I installed SkyDrive next to DropBox on my iPad.

      Plus, the photo sharing is dead simple and the slideshow view is quite nice. Might use this to share galleries when Apple pulls the plug on MobileMe.

  6. Al Taylor

    Android option

    This is the best I've found, called Skydrive Browser. It's not bad for a 3rd party app. Decent amount of functionality.

  7. EddieD

    I do like my SkyDrive...

    I just wish they'd make it easier to map to on my desktop computer...

    1. GitMeMyShootinIrons

      Re: I do like my SkyDrive...

      If you're on Windows or Mac, there's the new client that might help.

  8. Blarkon

    Yup - new app even allows you to map Skydrive as a library in Win 7

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