back to article Germans hail Vulture 1 spaceplane

Our German readers might like to nip out today and grab a copy of this week's Die Zeit, which has a handy guide on how to make the ultimate paper plane. Paper aircraft instructions in this week's Die Zeit We're obliged to Thorsten Winterer for whipping out his camera this morning to record part of Die Zeit's comprehensive …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    >In 2010, British scientists

    Who else laughed?

    1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Erm...

      Oi - watch it...

    2. Francis Boyle Silver badge

      Re: Erm...


      1. Thorsten

        Re: Erm...

        Although there's no German equivalent to boffin, and so it might have been a valid translation, the article appeared in Die Zeit, not Bild, and so Wissenschaftler must unfortunately be translated as scientists. (but reading it made me smile...)

        1. Crisp

          Re: Erm...

          No German equivalent to boffin?


          1. Dr. Mouse

            Re: Erm...

            Yep, I had to have a bit of a chuckle at that. No offense meant, Lester, but you guys are not scientists. More like drunk reporters having a larf (Ang on, lads, we could make a paper aeroplane and send it into space! That'd be so cool! So who's round is it?)

            1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

              Re: Re: Erm...

              Although your analysis of how PARIS was born is pretty accurate, you underestimate the sheer amount of brainpower (an extra beer) which went into the mission.

          2. Ralph B

            Re: Erm...

            > Eierkopf!

            That'd be "bollockhead", Shirley?

            (But if the hat fits ...)

    3. Andrew Moore

      Re: Erm...

      me for sure

    4. easyk

      Re: Erm...

      I'm still laughing.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Erm...

      I suppose it makes a change from "lesbian lifestyle magazine" as used by the Indy a couple of years ago.

      Sorry Lester, I still get an occasional smirk recalling your "furry front bottom" remark some time back - its still a bit too fresh to think of you as a "british scientist".

  2. Knoydart

    Well done on the British boffinary mention!

  3. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    What a result, good excuse for a pint or to this evening

    (as if we need an excuse)

  4. Christoph


    Will LOHAN be equipped with a "Kamera"?

    And will it be called "LOHAN Behold"?

  5. Bill Fresher


    At least we now know what the Playmanout is called.

    1. Irony Deficient

      Re: Kamera

      Bill, perhaps it was a typo for the Kamerad of PARIS?

  6. Rustident Spaceniak

    Just goes to show...

    how much the typical journalist understands about space technology. Or Paris. Or scientists. Or indeed anything at all. Not you, our true heroes from El Reg, of course, no offense meant!

  7. Irony Deficient

    „britische Forscher“

    I think that britische Forscher might be more closely translated as “British researchers” (Forschung is research; Wissenschaft is science).

  8. Richard Altmann

    Paper Plane Post?

    took the Zeit (time) some time to receive the news

    of El Reg´s endevour.

    Seems they used paperplanes to get the message across the Channel.

  9. Super Fast Jellyfish
    Thumb Up


    The logo on the wing looks more like a swan than a vulture. Does that make Lohan an ugly duckling?

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