back to article Sage thrusts small biz tool into Microsoft Azure

Sage is to hitch its SME enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to Microsoft's Azure in a bid to speed up customer migration to subscription-based products. The development work has begun on the software – dubbed Sage 200 in the UK and Sage Murano in Spain –  to integrate it with Microsoft's cloud platform and the result …


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  1. Roger Greenwood

    "they understand how SMEs work"


    no, really? all of them?

  2. Gordon 10

    Market watching bollocks

    Where is the proof that sage are shedding customers due to a poor cloudy offering.

    It could just as easily be that the mass majority of them see no cloudy benefits.

    Can I be the first to coin the phrase Cloudorohoea?

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Remember the golden rule

    Microsoft has *no* friends in the software industry.

    Just companies they have not taken over or destroyed yet.

    You lie down with dogs expect fleas.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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