back to article Apple sneaks iPad 2 with 32nm chip into retail

Apple has quietly begun shipping a revamped version of the iPad 2 that delivers better battery life than its predecessor, thanks to the use of 32nm chippery in place of a 45nm part. The new iPad 2 goes by the model name 'iPad2,4'. It's a Wi-Fi only device, its predecessor being the 'iPad 2,1' released in March 2011. The …


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  1. Jediben
    Thumb Up

    This would never happen were Steve still at the helm - new technology would stay exclusively in the new model to avoid diluting the 'magic' of the new iPad.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      They are doing a similar thing with the new Apple TV. I suspect they are taking two 'relatively' low volume channels (old iPad and Apple TV) and using them as a way of testing production mechanisms of such chips before ramping to full production for the higher volume devices.

      Tim Cook's influence at work as he is apparently an expert on the supply chain/management.

      1. Jediben

        So I get 3 thumbs down for suggesting that this has come about because someone new is in charge, and AC gets a thumbs up for agreeing with me?

        My mind - she 'asplode....

        1. ThomH


          That's because the AC didn't agree with you. He said some positive about Tim Cook and his management of the supply chain. Your main point appears to have been a lazy jab at Steve Jobs. The AC's comments can't be read as the same thing with a different phrasing because Tim Cook and Steve Jobs worked together for more than a decade.

          1. Jediben

            Re: @Jediben

            Ok let's have another stab at it then - "This course of deploying new hardware processes in an older model of a currently available product rather than the flagship model is one which had previously never occured while the company operated with Steve Jobs as CEO, and thus I suggest that the change at the top of the company's organisational sctructure has allowed this action to take place where previously such activity may have been rejected out of hand by the overwhelming power of Mr Jobs's Reality Distortion Field ".

            Happier now?

          2. Jediben

            Re: @Jediben

            By the way, it had a thumbs up icon for my post because I perceive this as a GOOD thing for all potential iPad purchasers. Of course it has got to sting a little for those who recently bought one...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wow, I've got one!

    I accidentally bought an iPad2 artikelnummer MC979FD/A from the Apple Store in Zürich, Bahnhofstrasse. (prices in CH are a healthy 429CHF = 289 quid! )

    Nice to know that my battery will last even longer!

    I toyed for several milliseconds over getting the iPad3 (with great display+heat+impossible to charge) instead - but I didn't.

    As the owner of the original iPad 1, the iPad2 is wonderful, light, responsive - it still is a B****er to charge in the car as when you turn on the screen to see if it's charging it states "not charging" - because the 1amp from generic car chargers isn't enough to charge AND display. If you just leave it alone with screen dark it will actually recharge... I suspect the iPad3 wouldn't charge unless you stick 5000volts through it!

    1. Andrew Lobban

      Re: wow, I've got one!

      I agree that the charging on the new iPad is a pain in the ass. However its a hell of a powerful machine and I think users have to psychologically get over charging portable devices with a USB or other low power socket (i.e. car cigarette sockets).

      You wouldn't try to charge a high end laptop from a USB port and with the new iPad thats precisely what you are trying to do if you take that approach.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: wow, I've got one!

        Ey? My cars cigarette socket it rated at 12 amps. Is that not enough?

        I also have a 12v laptop charger that works very well.

        1. Andrew Lobban

          Re: wow, I've got one!

          the charger that comes with the new iPad is 10 watts, 5.1 volts and 2.1 amps. Anything less will obviously charge the device more slowly, especially if in use at the same time. I dont know whether more volts/amps allows the device to take charge faster. As for charging times, it's simple maths and there are millions of posts about it all over the web.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: wow, I've got one!

          Problem here is they vary drastically depending on what is is going on with the car. They often return 3-4 volts especially when the engine is cold. Also cars are fused differently, some up to 30Amps for the lighter circuit so results vary and can be inconsistent, especially if used while charging (i assume nobody uses an ipad while actually driving though!)

          Also remember max draw from a USB cable is 1.5 amps and USB 2 is 5v which is a good bit less than the mains charger when it come to power draw, you multiply by volts so its 7.5 watts as opposed to 10 watts when connected to the 2amp 5v mains charger. When you then look at the charging times that makes a big difference with such a large battery as oer the new ipad.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: wow, I've got one!

            No, the voltage in a cars electrical system is always above 12v. If your car's voltage drops below 12v, there is something wrong.

            If the charger is rated at 10 watts, then it requires ~1 amp at 12 volts. There is no problem suppling that from a car's lighter circuit.

        3. Nev

          Re: wow, I've got one!

          There are a few devices out there that won't charge from a standard USB charger.

          (Be it a 12V car or 230V mains one.)

          My old TomTom (Go910) has that problem. As does the Asus Transformer.

          You need a USB charger rated at at least 2A. (Most are not.)

      2. stanimir

        Re: wow, I've got one!

        low power socket (i.e. car cigarette sockets).

        car cigarette one is not underpowered at all on its right own!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: wow, I've got one!

      Yeah but if you could see the new screen on my New iPad you'll wish you'd bought that instead!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    One of the major reasons for iPad's success is that it's easy for consumers to understand. (you can't give then too much info, they can't assimilate it)

    iPad2,1 or 2,4 will confuse the great unwashed.

    1. Craigness

      Apple knows its customer base well. That's why both products have the same name, they didn't advertise the new specification and you're not allowed to know what you've got until after you go to the Apple store, flash your credit card and ask "can I have some ipad please?"

    2. jai

      The "great unwashed", as you dismiss them, will never see the 2,1 or 2,4 model numbers. It takes a bit of effort to discover them, most users, if they even decide to look for one, will only see MC9xxLL/A which won't mean anything to them.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    iPad needs to be 1000 times better than it is, especially the decrepit iOS which looks as slick as 80's wall paper.

    1. Andrew James

      It needs to be 1,000 times better? One thousand? Really??

      I could understand a few quantified points;

      - I want the battery to withstand at least 24 hours of browsing & game playing

      - I want the recharge time to be under 4 hours

      - I want an Android style option to unlock the installation of non-AppStore apps

      - I want it to cost less than £300 for the wifi only model

      - I want a 128GB version made available

      Perhaps even a ridiculous;

      - I want it to have a physical keyboard

      - I want it to come with an actual Unicorn

      But to simply say it needs to be ONE THOUSAND times better... frankly, this reeks of troll.

      1. jai

        reeks of particularly unimaginative troll

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "frankly, this reeks of troll."

        As opposed to looking, sounding, acting and thinking like one!

        Oi! It's an opinion, don't take it to heart! You bought a crap product. Live with that poor decision and learn from that BEFORE you drag your offspring up.

  5. JeffyPooh

    Some of the above are confusing...

    Some of the above comments are confusing the car's electrical characteristics (nominal 12 volts DC, 10 to 20 amps available at the lighter socket) with the USB x.x output (5.0 volts DC, current limits far more complicated than can be explained here).

    1. robinlawrie

      Re: Some of the above are confusing...

      actually ive been looking for a long time for a decent car usb charger. they are invariably cheap and -way- below even standard usb spec, barely keeping up with my phone running tomtom.

      ive no idea why, since as mentioned there is no shortage of power available. i inherited one recently and after its dismal performance i checked the label. it was rated at 5v 100ma output.

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