back to article Data warehouse sales soar in Q1 for Teradata

If you were wondering if all this yammering about big data is real, data warehousing pioneer Teradata has just turned in the best first quarter in its history and the best quarter for product growth that the company has ever had. So at least as far as Teradata is concerned, big data is big business. With the Petadata not …


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    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Teradata eh?

      Good question, not sure what their magic bullet is for DW. It is expensive gear, so apparently they have something working well unless these are all just capacity expansions at long time Teradata users. You would think that they would be facing competitive pressure from the big names all acquiring or creating their own DW appliances, e.g. IBM Netezza, Oracle Exadata (although I am not sure how you have a system which is simultaneously "engineered" for OLTP and OLAP), EMC's Greenplum appliance.

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