back to article Oracle claims $777m in new trial over SAP infringement

Oracle is going back to court with a claim of $776.7m against SAP over the software-stealing antics of subsidiary TomorrowNow. Larry Ellison's crew got an award of $1.3bn in 2010 after TomorrowNow admitted filching Oracle's intellectual property and taking it to SAP when the German software house bought the company out. Co-CEO …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You have to wonder about the solidity of the business plan when litigation becomes a major part of your revenue. I mean I wouldn't scoop so low as to name names, but a certain 3 letters company springs to mind.

  2. Billl

    scoop so low

    You may not stoop so low, which is fine, but to say that $777M is a major part of Oracles business plan is dishonest. The three letter company you speak of, from Santa Cruz if I'm not mistaken, did in fact get to the point where they were only making lawsuits, not product.

    You can make an argument that Oracle is dishonest, low down, thieving, or whatever your chosen epithet, but you cannot say that their business plan relies on litigation to a great degree. Last year they had revenues of $35.9 Billion, of which $777M would only be about 2%. Not insubstantial, but definitely not a major part either.

  3. John Sanders

    What does it mean "software-stealing"

    Does it mean that they made a similar competing product?

    This is what you get for corrupting English nowadays, no way to know who the criminal is nowadays.

  4. Drefsab


    I for one hope they go the same way of the certain other company with three letters in its name, true to sue so much that they end up going bankrupt because their case never gets won.

  5. James Anderson

    777 = 666 + 111

    By my calculations this makes Larry the Beast++.

    Be agraid, be very afraid.

  6. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    Should have gone for


    in damages, just for the sake of it.

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