back to article Scotland Yard officers cuff ex-cop in latest police bung probe

A retired special ops detective has been arrested by officers investigating allegations of illegal payments to police in relation to an ongoing inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal that has swamped Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper business. The Met confirmed this morning that they had cuffed a 57-year-old man at his home …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    An alleged bent bobbie

    And in other news old Rupe is alleged to be fit to run a large news corp.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who guards the guards...

    ... but the guards themselves.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So is there anyone in Scotland Yard who isn't on the take, past or present?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    News International turns supergrass

    I doubt anyone is going to work with an NI title again if they are going to be turned over this easily.

    They might only be looking at the people paid at the moment but I suspect if NI had the appropriate pressure applied over the Sky licence they would be turning over all and sundry including legitimate sources and whistleblowers when asked to "co operate"

  5. JaitcH

    What's the difference between LAPD or the Chicago Police and UK Plod?

    Unfortunately, very little, it seems. In my distant childhood we were taught to trust the police, they could be relied upon. Our local Bobby had a bicycle, a ground floor office in his Police House and he welcomed visitors 24 hours a day.

    Now the local Bobby has been replaced with anonymous people who are regarded as enemy and seem to be as crooked as many of their clients.

    The 24-hour news cycle doesn't help, a few tenners or twenties here and there. gets the breaking news.

    Even worse are the instances of disclosures of files or data, this requires a concious breach of the system.

    You can't trust many priests who might involve a child in a sexual abuse situation. One priest I knew of left his car outside his church supplied vicarage. The church bookkeeper was always suspicious of mileage claims and he would take a stroll past the vicarage and, using a torch, would carefully note the speedo readings. Sure enough, even this preacher was ripping off the church.

    Yes, parents are faced with many imponderables these days and they are a sad commentary on today's society.

    I don't blame the newspaper industry, they are not paid to be honest. The whole matter centre on problems with police, who enjoy privileges under law that few others have.

    1. Is it me?


      The vast bulk of Police Officers and Priests are good and honest people, even in the Met. It is only a very few who are not.

      Our expectations on the proberty of public servants seems to me, to exceed the reality of the human condition. There always have been, and always will be corrupt people, some deliberately so who will put themselves in positions of trust to maximise their ability to abuse it. Within command organisations it will always be more difficult to publicly denounce wrong doers because the esprit-de-corps is ingrained into behaviours, and you have to trust your colleagues.

      Corruption runs at individuals in thousands, not the reverse, which is how some people seem to view it. So you knew a Vicar who was on the fiddle, So you knew a Policeman who took a bung from the local rag, I know many, many more good men and women of all faiths and political persuasions who server their communities honestly and justly, but they don't sell news papers.

      Perhaps you should look more closely before you condemn whole groups because of the behaviours of the few.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phuck around...

    ...and go to prison.

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