If you could force an honest answer from a tech company what would it be?

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  1. Sooty

    If you could force an honest answer from a tech company what would it be?

    I'd ask Microsoft the following

    You had basically cornered the market on gaming peripherals in the 90's with your sidewinder range, why on earth did you completely abandon it, dropping all support, instead of expanding it. I understand focusing on the Xbox but why completely drop a complimentary business?

    1. dogged

      Re: If you could force an honest answer from a tech company what would it be?

      I'd ask Microsoft this -

      "The Zune. A few questions.

      1. Why brown? What the fuck were you thinking?

      2. Sound quality alone should have sold this device but throw in the Zune Pass and the HD hardware and it should have been a world-beater. So you chose to only sell it in America, to Americans, who are stupid and think Steve Jobs invented the mp3 player. What the fuck were you thinking?

      3. Did you ass-rape Bob Vistakin? I can think of no more plausible explanation for his levels of butthurt, so come on. Own up.

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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is your name really Dave Smith? :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



    "How many of your products weren't out-right theft?"

    "Name the developers that want aggressive DRM."


    "If your business did not rely on aggressive lock-in were would it be now?"

    "What percentage of your revenue and market share is down to patent trolling?"


    "How much of your policies made by ex-NS staff? Was SaaS on of them?"

    "I believe what I purchase and what I produce is my property to do with as I will, would you agree with that statement?"


    "Are you going bust?"

    GCHQ / NSA:

    "Why the international witch hunt?"

    Sony / Warner / Dreamworks / 20th Century Fox / etc

    "Why all of the sh*t remakes?"

    ""I believe what I purchase is my property to do with as I will (inc lending to friends), would you agree with that statement?"

    "Why can't play my music outside? How did you influence the UK gov into passing those licensing laws (Cost, whom - civil service or pol)"

  4. DarthUserhate

    Apple - Do you really think that such a proprietary and inflexible model as the app store is fiscally viable long term when compared with more open sources?

    Microsoft - why does every other operating system you release leave so much to be desired, then you come out with a brilliant one? Why not just put in the work and study groups and do it right the FIRST time?

    Google - what is your thought on open developement versus closed (IE linux vs Apple models for developement)

  5. Eion MacDonald


    what do you do with the information you gather?

  6. NotBob

    Developers of all the games my kids want to play

    Why do you think you need access to the phone/tablet GPS, microphone, camera, control of the wifi, access to contacts and messages, and control of the attached robotic appendage just to display a few pretty animations on the accursed screen?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    MSFT/Google/Facefuck/Intel/Qualcomm: So, what's the complete & unabridged history, extent and effect of your "relationship" with the "intelligence" agencies?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      PS: MSFT, I realise your answer will arrive in written form, delivered in a rash of shipping containers, but could you send it all in heptuplicate? I realise I'll never get through it, but I'd like to send copies to AI, EFF, EU.gov, RU.gov, CN.gov and of course El Reg, so they can take appropriate action for me while I flick through my copy at my leisure. Ta.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Does anyone outside of finance believe in your off shoring model?

  9. Fan of Mr. Obvious

    cash cow

    MS: How long would it take if you were forced to audit the payments you receive from OEM's for licensing for all business units? When was the last time you conducted such an audit?

  10. graceinc

    Do you really think these devices cost as much as you ask the price for them?

  11. David_Michaels

    The only question that I would ask will be to Apple Inc.

    -> Why you keep flattening your IPhone with every coming year, why don't you just change the shape ?

  12. LJon304

    I had asked Nokia- Why is your marketing and sales team so inactive?

  13. Phil Kingston

    Now that you're done disrupting, can we get on with some homogenisation please.

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