back to article Spotify dances onto iPad

Spotify has pushed its music platform onto Apple's iPad. The new app, specifically designed for tablet use, takes things up a notch from what is currently available through the iPhone and other smartphone versions. Spotify for iPad Music buffs are now able to browse Spotify's catalogue, view cover art and search playlists on …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe they should concentrate on the shambolic Android app instead.

    1. CDPlant
      Thumb Up

      Beta is good

      The beta version is really good and has gotten rid of nearly everything that was wrong the previous version. Take a look -

      1. Gazareth

        Re: Beta is good

        I hope they hurry release then, the current version is ruddy awful!

  2. Tom 38

    This has made me happy in a way that on reflection makes me feel ashamed of my geekiness.

    Having said that, I am now sad that I will almost certainly have to re-synch 16GB of music off the old iphone version of the app and into the ipad version.

    1. Sir Cosmo Bonsor

      Don't worry

      I hardly think that owning an iPad qualifies you for geekdom, any more than the BBC's endless reporting about Facebook belongs in their "technology" section.

      1. Tom 38

        Re: Don't worry

        Let me guess, you have neither an ipad nor spotify, yet felt drawn to read and comment on a story about both.

        I don't need to justify my geekiness, it is apparent in every facet of my existence. The ipad doesn't "qualify me for geekdom", it is just my tablet and, unlike you, I don't think I am defined by my choice of tablet made two years ago.

        1. Sir Cosmo Bonsor

          Re: Don't worry

          Regarding me: you guessed wrong.

          Regarding you: you don't need to justify something, but then you go on to protest it at length?

          Look, you're posting in a community populated by Assembly programmers, aeronautical engineers and bearded guys who code using only a magnetised needled and a steady hand.

          In this context, you, Mr. Shiny New Trinket, are not a geek.

          1. Tom 38

            Re: Don't worry

            It riles me that certain types of people want to infer everything from my choice of tablet. You're still doing it, for instance.


            Look, you're posting in a community populated by Assembly programmers, aeronautical engineers and bearded guys who code using only a magnetised needled and a steady hand.


            Indeed, I'm part of that community - that's why I'm posting here - although I prefer vim to a magnetised needle.

            It's geeky that I got excited about a software update to a music player. What's your excuse?

  3. Dayjo


    Fed up of using the scaled up version, such a waste of screen real state! Hopefully this will make it easier for me to browse and choose music whilst driving!

    1. mdava

      Re: Great

      "......browse and choose music whilst driving"

      What. The. F*ck? I seriously hope that you live far away from me.

  4. Gareth.

    Why is it only for premium users?

    OK, so I'm gonna come across as a cheapskate here, but why do Spotify only make access to mobile devices available for Premium users?

    I'm on the not-freetard-but-not-quite-Premium £5 p/month package and would love to be able to use Spotify on my Android tablet (yeah, it's not an iPad... I'm a cheapskate, remember) but when I last tried using it, I would've had to upgrade my account to the £10 p/month one to get it to work.

    I'm happy paying a fiver a month for Spotify as it doesn't have much of the 90s trance music I mostly listen to... but for me a tenner a month is harder to justify.

    They couldn't get away with charging Mac users more than Windows users, so why differentiate based on type of device? I don't see how my choice of what I use to access their service costs Spotify Inc any more money to distribute.

    1. Tom 38

      Re: Why is it only for premium users?

      Two main reasons:

      1) The desktop client uses P2P as well as direct downloads to source media, where as the mobile client only uses direct downloads. Therefore, it does cost more for them to offer access to mobile devices.

      2) Mobile access is the USP of the premium account. It is the main feature differentiator between the two account types. If mobile access was allowed on the mid-range package, no-one would buy the premium account. The account type you are in is specifically designed to make you want to upgrade to the premium account.

    2. Chicken Marengo

      Re: Why is it only for premium users?

      Why don't you just spend a single tenner on any one 90s trance music CD? It's all the bloody same anyway.

      More seriously, I believe what you're paying extra for with premium (well I am anyway) is really the offline listening ability, I agree that that rather than the target device should be the differentiator

    3. Dark Horse

      Re: Why is it only for premium users?

      The premium is so you can cache/pre-download the music so you don't need to stream over the airways when you want to listen.

      1. Wintermute

        Re: Why is it only for premium users?

        If Gareth had not of already said it, I would. The doubling of price just to listen to it on an iPad vs a Mac is a big turn off.

        I use my fondleslab much more than my Mac at home, the lack of non-premium access is pushing me in the opposite direction, toward dumping Spotify entirely. I only wish Spotify devs read The Reg.

        1. Gazareth

          Re: Why is it only for premium users?

          I seriously doubt the pricing model is the dev's decision ;)

          1. Gareth.

            Re: Why is it only for premium users?

            Ahhh, yes, I see now. Thanks for the replies, guys.

            Oh, and LOL @ Chicken Marengo... very true. :-)

  5. a pressbutton

    why only premium users

    spotify is on my macbook, linux box and android tablet and will not work on android as i have the £5 unlimited sub rather than the £10 premium

    this article reminds me that i need to cancel the sub - there is no excuse for this.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People who haven't bought something - the spotify premium service - expressing anger that that service has been improved.

    You are no worse off as a result.

    I have, and the new iPod app is yummy.

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