back to article Microsoft's Twilio VoIP cloud deal buffs Apple and Amazon

Despite owning loss-making voice chat biz Skype, Microsoft is cuddling up to the Amazon-friendly Twilio to float a Windows Azure-powered communications hub. Microsoft and Twilio will announce on Wednesday that the startup's voice call and messaging libraries for PHP, Java and .NET have been designed to work “flawlessly” with …


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  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    How many?

    Twilio claims 75,000 developers are building communications apps using its APIs and it has a mobile client for iOS

    Eh? WTF? etc

    Exactly how many DIFFERENT 'communications apps' can there be that don't already exist?

    There really can't be that many.

    My guess is that we will end up with 74,990 equivalents of the iOS Fart Apps.

    What a load of tosh (IMHO)

    Just think back to the days when 'The Last One' was being hyped. You might see some parallels.

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