back to article Hard-up Europe snubs slabs as US, Asia snap up gear

Almost one in five personal computers shipped globally in the opening three months of 2012 were tablets, market stats from bean counter Canalys reveals. But the real surprises were that Apple's grip on sales loosened, and shoppers in the EMEA region contributed least to the volumes. The abacus stroker said fondleslab makers …


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  1. Colin Millar
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    They are not analysts - they are commission reapers. Their business model is recommending stuff that they get lots of kickback to flog. As part of this there is the necessity to release lots of crap newsletters written by the monkeys in the basement to give the suckers/customers the impression that they know stuff about stuff:

    However it surprises them when

    a) The market leader's grip loosens as the oppo ups their game and new products come to market

    b) that EMEA trends below the US and ASIA on buying relatively new shiny despite this having been the way of the world since shiny took over from stuff and things as the consumer product of choice.

    If that surprises them they're in for a shock when they find out that bricks don't fly.

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Aptly named - "Canalys"

    "Austerity measures taken by governments to address public debt are resulting in low economic growth rates, limited job creation and pressure on disposable income at a time when households are also dealing with rising living costs."

    Translation: I'm a $swearadjective Keynesian $swearsubstantive who has no idea about cause-effect relationships and who thinks that money-printing is not strong enough to overcome the inflation stemming from money-printing, and that, indeed, when everyone has gotten his free helicopter money people will be wealthier.

    That or this guy is just evil and hoping to get to the paper-money fountain first to transform it into nondepreciating assets.

    I suspect the latter.

    1. streaky

      Re: Aptly named - "Canalys"

      Hope you're not suggesting it's possible that people in Europe just don't want them?

      The very idea..

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    consume consuming consumer consumption

    yeah, that's a valid point.

  4. Colin Wilson 2


    What language is this article written in?

    I mean, I can read the words - they go 'blah, blah, blah'. But I tried and failed to decipher any meaning in them.

  5. Ivan Headache

    The language doesn't matter

    as long as it's got foxconn-rebrander in it somewhere.

  6. P. Lee

    Europe lagging...

    As in, "the lemmings are not running fast enough to prop up our fruity fur trade."

    We all know that Europe is just one bunch of people with the same characteristics. The Greeks and Germans... all the same, right?

    I have some sympathy with the writers though. If you're young you won't remember that Keynsian economics is left-wing voodoo from a time when governments were by far the largest financial entities and we didn't have global markets. With all the right-wing governments indulging in it, it must be very confusing. Eek! we don't have any money... I know, let's get further into debt! Our current politicians don't appear old enough to remember that it didn't work in the 70's either. I'm not sure if they are too dumb to work out its a bad idea or just want to be seen to be doing something when they are too scared to do the right thing and let their financial friends take the hit on dodgy investments.

    Financial tricks are what caused this mess - the Euro, ridiculous credit levels, massive insurance levels of bad business practice (rather than unforeseen force majeure), the spreading of risk around the entire economy and letting any company become so large that risk is transferred from the shareholders to taxpayers, while profits remain with the shareholders. What could possibly go wrong with that?

    As for tablets - they are nice toys but they are not investments. They cost almost as much and do very little compared to a pc. Unless you need the form-factor, you can safely not bother keeping up with the Joneses.

    Make your money, *then* spend it. That solves all sorts of problems.

  7. Sirius Lee

    "Despite only debuting in North America, Amazon became the second biggest seller of tabs, and this is testament to the need for "compelling content", said Canalys."

    Or a machine from a known supplier at a price regular people are prepared to pay? Oh, and with some content.

    Also, P.Lee has it right in my book. Bought a tablet (everyone is doing so it must be good, right?) but I can't find a use for it, the kids can't find a use for it, my wife can't find a use for it. Guess what? We'll not be buying more.

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