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Griffin’s Helo TC Assault helicopter is the latest version of its app-powered chopper. Griffin Helo TC Assault Like the Battling Gyro helicopters I reviewed here a few weeks ago, the new Griffin offering spices up your aerial activities by adding the ability to enter combat. When the red mist descends, the Assault allows …


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  1. Z-Eden
    Thumb Down

    Good for, ooo, about 5 minutes after which you are bored of the whizzing sound and sick of reloading the missiles and wander off to play Skyrim instead.

  2. Filippo Silver badge

    Why infrared and not e.g. Bluetooth?

  3. Paul Westerman

    Got a mini copter for Christmas

    A gentle push on the controls makes it rocket vertically into the ceiling, followed by a crash landing onto the carpet. Never been able to make it do anything else...

  4. Stefing


    I doubt many smartphones have IR any more!

  5. FunkyEric
    Black Helicopters

    Bought my brother in-law a mini copter for Xmas

    And he said it was the best Xmas present he's ever had. Provides endless amusement chasing the cats. He even tried it outdoors (once) and was surprised when it blew over the house and crashed in the alleyway. It survived though. And one which fires missiles sounds entertaining too, not sure what the cat would think of that. ;-)

    Helicopter icon, obviously.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Re: Bought my brother in-law a mini copter for Xmas

      Based on childhood recollections (circa aged 10) of chasing a cat together with my neighbor (aged 8) using his RC tank:

      1. The cat will not like being shot at

      2. The cat will figure out that the tank is being controlled pretty fast. You can set that to "immediate" if the cat has some siamese blood in its veins.

      3. Once the cat has figured it out you will need a skin graft and a tetanus injection.

  6. Tom Maddox Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    "Message for you, sir"

    Sounds better than sending intra-office email, that's for sure.

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