back to article Patriotic hackers face off in South China Sea

The Philippine government has appealed in vain for patriotic hackers in the country to “be the bigger man” and not retaliate against China for a series of suspected attacks on university and government web sites, as the stand-off between the two countries over a set of disputed islands continues. The Scarborough Shoal – also …


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  1. JaitcH

    China unites former enemies

    The USA, Philippines and VIETNAM have just completed naval exercises near the Spratly Islands - VietNam's name for the islands it claims - although China thinks it owns the whole bloody South China Sea including the parts within VN's 200 mile zone.

    There's oil out there and now VN has found gas in it's area. Little wonder the USA is around.

  2. Jonathan Richards 1 Silver badge

    >The Scarborough Shoal – also known as Panatag Shoal or Huangyan island – is claimed by China even though it is located just over 100 nautical miles from the Philipinnes.

    "Even though..."? That makes it sound as if it might be the case that sovereignty over an island naturally falls to the mainland [definition needed] nation closest to said island. This is not the case, otherwise the Channel Islands would belong to France, and Reunion (French) would belong to Madagascar, only, hold on, Madagascar is an island too, so it must belong to Mozambique!

    A quick look at Google Earth seems to indicate that Australia belongs to Singapore, but I haven't done the measurements...

    1. EJ

      I was waiting for the hypocrisy of the Maldives situation to enter into this...

  3. Tree

    US mikitary bases in Philippines and Okinawa

    Certain demonstrators opposed US bases. Are they Red Chinese Patriots or what? The Japanese are grateful the US bases are still open. China cannot yet push US around.

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