back to article Fifa fans kick up fuss over Euro 2012 team substitutions

Fans of EA's Fifa football franchise have seen red after 24 teams were left out of its Euro 2012 DLC release, which has also been dogged by bugs, according to disgruntled gamers. Teams that appear not as themselves but as similarly-styled groups of players include tournament host Ukraine, and Slovakia and Wales, with players …


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  1. jungle_jim
    Thumb Down

    the worst is

    No one will be surprised by this

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More copywrong

    I understand (but don't agree with) the fact that kits and player images are copyright/licenceable information but surely the names of the squad members are FACTS, and freely publishable as such - so changing players names is surely not necessary.

    Not making them editable is laughable.

    1. ukgnome

      Re: More copywrong

      So says Anonymous Coward....

      Or Amy Ward as he's better known

      *mines the one with the ID card- usapixie in the pocket

  3. Shane8
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    "If I wanted to play as cheap rip-offs of players I would of bought PES,"

    100% agree with this.

  4. Citizen Kaned

    nothing new. they had issues with the Netherlands team a while ago and couldnt list them.

    Shane8 - didnt PES get photo realistic faces? i used to be a massive PES fan but then fifa overtook it and now i rarely play any games due to a 8 month old son.

  5. pear


    Think they should just re-release fifa 98 really. Football games have been on a downhill slope since then. Back in the day you were allowed to dive and deliberately foul the goalkeeper. All this with real players!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: FIFA RTWC

      Fifa 98 was a nice surprise after the poorly executed Fifa 64 (and I'm not even really into football).

      1. Mike Brown

        Re: FIFA RTWC

        fifa? pffft footy games have been rubbish since sensible software stopped updating swos.

        new teams, on a floppy, thro the post,for free, FTW!

    2. Citizen Kaned

      Re: FIFA RTWC

      i dont want cheating in games though. its bad enough kids think diving is part of the game these days

  6. Chad H.

    Time to change the slogan?

    EA Sports: Its not in the game.

    EA Sports: its in the game (but only if it doesnt cost too much to license)

    EA Sports: A reasonable facsimilie is in the game

  7. Scott 19

    Devils Advocate

    The welsh FA could of ask for a million quid.

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