back to article Fabulous execution prompts Apple to rein back Q3 outlook

Apple's third quarter figures will come in below Wall St forecasts the vendor revealed today, but that's just fine because it's just because it did so well in the second quarter. The Mac and iOS vendor said it was expecting revenues of $34bn in June, with earnings per share of $8.68. This compares to analyst expectations of $9 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Well done them...

    Wow. What's really amazing is that that doesn't seem like spin but a reasonable assessment.

    I remember wondering why anyone would buy the first iMac when they couldn't run Windows on it. Well done to them for turning a company that seemed so irrelevant and niche into one bigger than Microsoft, Dell, Sony or Samsung, and doing a huge chunk of that growth in the middle of the biggest recession since the Great Depression to boot. We're at a point when even Linus Torvalds owns a Macbook...

    1. Detective Emil

      Re: Well done them...

      And well done Reg, for managing to get through a whole Apple piece without using any of "fanboi", "fondleslab", "fruity firm", or "Jesus mobe".

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Never wanted Apple products. I don't want to be tied to a proprietary system!

    I suppose that the number of consumers who make considered decisions, and not flocking to the shiny shiny, is ever decreasing. Speaks volumes!

    1. Alex Rose

      Or perhaps they give different weightings when making their considered decision, perhaps having a non-proprietary system has a very low weight in their decision making process?

      No, no, you're probably right - you're the only person with a brain on the planet!

      (In the interests of full disclosure I own no Apple products.)

    2. Armando 123


      "I don't want to be tied to a proprietary system!"

      So how are the homemade car and homemade credit card working out for you?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And yet

    You post on almost every single Apple thread about how much you dislike apple?

    Change the record, we know you're not a fan.

    Trawling the apple articles just so you can spout your anti-apple "locked-in", "walled garden" wah, wah rubbish is a little tiresome.

    if you dislike it that much, stop followig it so closely.

    1. amanfromearth

      Re: And yet

      the voices tell him to do it.

  4. Paul Webb

    Apple to rule for a thousand quarters

    Others not so lucky:

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