back to article Woman cuffed for smuggling iPhones in beer bottles

A Chinese woman has been stopped at the border after trying to smuggle more than 200 iPhone 4S devices from Hong Kong into the Apple-mad nation hidden inside empty beer bottles. The woman was caught red-handed by customs officials at the Sha Tau Kok border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen and claimed she was taking the bottles …


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  1. Thomas 18
    Thumb Down


    Why don't they just sell 5% of their product out the back door?

    Oh wait, I'm sure the lawyers are dead against that, what with it getting in the way of exploitation and all that.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      We don't want no steenkin hiPones...

      Now imagine if the kind lady had actually brought beer bottles full of... Beer.. How many more Chinese would be more happily served by that instead of the hiPones???

      Oh the tragedy...

  2. IT Hack

    Empowering Criminals

    Obviously the issue here is not the lady smuggling but rather that the beer bottles are clearly a crime enabler and need to be heavily regulated if not banned outright! The thought that beer bottles are directly involved in horrific crimes of this nature is upsetting enough...but the real arse clencher is that as usual our government is weak on crime and the causes of crime.

    There is only one answer...

    99 bottles of beer on the wall...shoot one down 98 bottles of beer on the wall....

    I hate Mondays. Really really hate. Mondays.

    I need a pint to get over the horror of it all.

  3. Chris Sake


    She mustn't have been very bright:

    1. 'Good' Chinese girls don't drink beer;

    2. No-one takes glass over the border from HK to the PRC for re-cycling. That is the task of the super-efficient wizened crones who extract everything that is possibly recyclable from the rubbish collection points in order to make ends meet;

    3. In order to smuggle anything across the border, all one has to do is go to a 'shipping' company - the best ones do not have a sign out front. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  4. DJV Silver badge

    Apple-mad nation hidden inside empty beer bottles

    You can hide whole nations inside beer bottles now? Excellent!

  5. JaitcH

    "a new case is uncovered of IP or trademark infringement involving Apple products"

    Apart fromall the usual knock-offs we now have iCORNER in SaiGon / Ho Chi Minh. They sell gray market iThingies.

  6. skeptical i

    Maybe use Budweiser* bottles next time ...

    ... no one would look twice at that swill.

    * Insert local homegrown bovine urine brand here.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what next?

    iPhone mules smuggling them hidden in various bodily cavities?

    Hope I haven't inadvertently given some Chinese businesswomen any ideas...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: what next?

      Too late. Many have been caught already.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    here's a better idea ..

    I'd smuggle them in by wrapping them with fake android phone covers ...

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