back to article Asus: Ice Cream Sandwich Transformer Pad out in May

Asus UK has confirmed that the Transformer Pad TF300T - farewell, Eee branding… - will be out over here late next month, though not on widespread availability until the end of June. The Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet will retail for £399, but that includes the machine's clip-on keyboard-cum-battery extender. Asus said it …


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  1. David Dawson
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    Will get one.

    I liked the first one very much when I got one for the wife, I'll get on of these when they arrive here.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But will it come with a pretty dongle and random restarts?

    Let's hope not

  3. Nev
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    Killer device

    Asus just don't get the credit they deserve for championing this killer format of device.

    Still very please with my TF101 after a year.

    Who needs a tablet and a laptop when you can have both?!

    Good update support too, so far.

    1. ElNumbre
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      Re: Killer device

      I heart mine too.

      With 2x, the ability of also having Windows "available" on something that runs for 16hours that gives the flexibility of a lightweight device, but with near-full access of applications and services means that it pretty much ticks all of my boxes.

    2. jai

      Re: Who needs a tablet and a laptop when you can have both?!

      It's not actually a laptop though, is it?

      Who wants a laptop form that can only run tablet apps? Sure, it's nice to have a huge keyboard if you need to type in lots of text. But I just spent all weekend playing Diablo3 beta on my MacbookAir while watching telly from the sofa. Will I be able to do that with this? No. It's a nice looking tablet with a funky keyboard - but it's not a laptop replacement.

      1. taxman

        Re: Who needs a tablet and a laptop when you can have both?!

        But then again getting one of these will leave you with £400 in your pocket then if your bought a Macbook Air 'laptop'.

        You answered your own question about a keyboard. My son who bought an ipad from the States finds it suits his needs - but wishes it had a proper keyboard. Much easier to type on than on the screen.

      2. Nev
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        But I just spent all weekend playing Diablo3 beta on my MacbookAir ...

        Well done, you!

      3. ChrisC Silver badge

        Re: Who needs a tablet and a laptop when you can have both?!

        Hmm, not sure I follow your reasoning that the software available for the device determines whether or not it's a laptop. What about the majority of people who really couldn't give an entire jungle-full of primates about Diablo3, and just want a laptop to surf the net, maybe edit a few photos, write the occasional letter etc - in what ways would the Transformer (or any similar tablet+keyboard combo) *not* be suitable as a laptop replacement for them?

  4. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    Tempting, very tempting

    I have liked the format from the start. I will give this a serious look indeed.

  5. James 51

    Has anyone managed to stick ubuntu on one yet?

  6. Norman Hartnell


    I wish I'd never upgraded my TF101 to ICS, it's very flaky in standby with random reboots. Hope this one is better.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: ICS

      Random reboots patch is incoming for the TF101.

      It''s not as big a deal as you seem to make out. Just turn it off, rather than using standby. Problem solved.

      More likely you don't even own one...

      1. Norman Hartnell

        Re: ICS

        If you wish to accuse me of being a liar you could at least have the balls not to hide behind anonymity.

        I do own a TF101, and it self-rebooted last night, for your information. I have found it is more stable if you turn off the WiFi and close the lid before letting it sleep, and I also took off all the apps which asked for permission to stop the tablet from sleeping. I will welcome the patch when it comes!

  7. John Robson Silver badge

    Cheaper earlier versions?

    Does that mean???

  8. Andy Barker

    Difference from Prime?

    This article shows different specs to the original article, and this article seems to show identical specs to the Prime (except for the plastic strip on the case). So £100 cheaper than my Prime, and gets a bit of plastic.

    1. Andy Barker

      Re: Difference from Prime?

      OK, I skim read the engadget review. Difference seem to be:

      1. Replaced aluminium shell with plastic (better chance of WiFi and GPS problems going away)

      2. Slightly lower battery capacity

      3. Slightly slower clock speed

      Not a lot else I can see.

  9. SminkyBazzA

    More than just the picture is wrong

    The first link in the article refers to a product with a 1920x1280 screen, not the 1280x800 screen shown here. Also, the linked article refers to a 1.6GHz CPU, whereas this one is 1.2GHz.

    Are you sure they're the same product?

  10. Andrew James

    This form factor would work for my wife

    My wife has her own business, visiting people in their homes and doing assessments of various things. At the moment she uses her phone on visits to make brief notes and take pictures of things to include in a written report later. She tends to keep a netbook with her to then fill out the notes in more detail once she's back in the car between visits.

    With something like the transformer she could just use the tablet when in the premises, for short notes and pictures... and tapping away on a tablet looks more professional somehow than doing it on your phone. Then, in the car, plug in the dock and flesh all the notes out. All with one device. Much better.

    She's been talking about an iPad making things a bit easier for a while but would have gotten frustrated by the on screen keyboard for proper notes.

    I think really the argument over form factor ended a long time ago. A lot of people want both a keyboard and a tablet. The transformer fills that gap. The question really is whether this particular model does a good enough job of the role its supposed to do. The answer seems to be yes.

  11. Steve Ives


    Nice machine, and all these posts about iPads have convinced me that I must have been dreaming on those occasions in the past when I've connected physical keyboards - wirelessly and wired - to my iPad.

    Nothing against the Asus, but bear in mind that you have a couple of options to use a keyboard with an iPad.


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