back to article Seagate profits from Thai flooding

Seagate made huge profits of $1.1 billion on revenue of $4.4 billion in its third fiscal 2012 quarter, following a very successful second quarter. The company shipped a record 61 million hard disk drives in the quarter; a 29 per cent increase over the second quarter and 25 per cent higher than a year ago. It is still …


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  1. clouseau_


    And I still can't seem to find any 6Gbps 2TB Seagate Constellation SAS drives anywhere.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not surprised

    I just gave Seagate £160 for what I could have got from WD for half that had the floods not occurred.

    (and sadly that was a comparative bargain)

  3. MacGyver

    Supply and demand.

    I will simply wait to buy anymore harddrives until the price drops by at least 60%, I bought two 2TB hardrives for $59 a piece pre-flood, and now they want $130 for the same model two years later, two words F and U. Seagate will keep charging what ever they can get until WD gets back up to speed again. It just goes to show what happens when there is effectively one manufacture or seller of something everyone wants.

  4. Tom 13

    This is probably hurting warranty/service contractors most.

    I have a friend who works in an environment where they routinely place 3-5 raid drives per week*. As the consumer, he doesn't care because it's all covered under either a warranty on new equipment or a service contract for the equipment where the warranty has expired.

    *Yeah, they have sufficient numbers of drives so that actually falls within normal MTBF rates for the drives. Actually, according to him it is greatly improved after they bought a new array and got a free server with it.

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