back to article Chorus awarded bigger chunk of kiwi rural rollout

Chorus, the former utility arm of Telecom New Zealand, has secured additional contracts in the deployment of New Zealand’s rural national broadband network. As part of the second phase of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI), Chorus and Network Tasman will deploy fibre to provincial schools, rural hospitals, Health Centres and …


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  1. GrandpaChris

    Go KiWi

    How come New Zealand is way ahead of Canada?

    1. Muscleguy

      Re: Go KiWi

      Different population distribution over the geography, Canada has a very large and diffuse hinterland, NZ is filling in the bits between the quite well spaced cities. Also NZ is a long way from anywhere and not really on the way to anywhere else and this has long been recognised. Back in the day NZers owned more fax machines per head of population than everywhere except Japan. Having the net and good net is a part of that desire to connect to the world. Mind you I'm told by relatives there that the net is pretty crap and people realise this and so there is popular support for upgrades meaning cross party support for the spending. Important in a PR legislature with coalitions and minority govts.

      Another example of the mindset was my dept at university in Southern NZ. They had a fund to pay for academics in their discipline who were passing through Auckland (often induced to on their way to Sydney) to fly down to us to give us a talk and have their brain picked. You have to think about such things when you are at the arse end of the developed world and you know it. Oh and you also refuse to lower standards as a result.

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