back to article Rackspace eats own OpenStack heavenly dog food

Rackspace Hosting, one of the contenders in the fight to take on Amazon's eponymous Web Services division as the dominant public cloud, is finally confident enough in the OpenStack wares to start its internal rollout of the software underpinning its Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, and other services. By doing so, Rackspace is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like HP and Rackspace are tooling up for war...

    In the last 7 days they have essentially announced exactly the same products.

    Whilst both are putting on a good line of saying "it is all about the community" what it boils down to is revenue, and both companies are taking a different approach to implementing their clouds.

  2. cosymart

    Rackspace Hmmmm

    Rackspace are sponsors of "The Register" so there should be some sort of disclaimer/notice to that effect with this article.

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