back to article SATELLITE SMACKDOWN: Turnbull vs. Quigley

At about 3:30 PM yesterday, during a Public Hearing of the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network, several NBNCo staffers suddenly became quite agitated. They passed an iPhone among themselves, before handing it to NBNCo CEO Mike Quigley, who quickly reddened and broke verbal stride to read aloud the following Tweet …


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  1. David Hicks

    Turnbull may be the better politican (compared to Abbott)

    But I do wonder why the liberals have to pursue this contrarian agenda to keep Australia in the dark ages. Even if NBN capacity isn't needed right this second, it seems incredibly short sighted to try to kill a project that prepares the country for the future.

    Obviously you want to keep expenses under control, but there are much worse things tht governments spend far more money on, than the NBN.

    1. Roger Jenkins

      Re: Turnbull may be the better politican (compared to Abbott)

      The answer to your question is simple. Turbull is the shadow Comms. Minister. He badly needs to always be in the media to keep his profile in front of the voters, after all he doea want to become PM.

      To get yourself reported in the media, you need to be controversial/sensational. Take away NBN slagging and what has a shadow minister got left? About three fifths of bugger all. So, no matter stupid, how inane, how anti-progress it is, Turnbull will headline.

    2. John Angelico

      Re: Turnbull may be the better politican (compared to Abbott)

      Ye gods! Turnbull has dropped two catches in the slips, and managed an overthrow for more runs.

      Obviously doesn't belong there. He should be either third man or twelfth man.

      The big scam which is the NBN is the sheer grandiose scale of FTTH. The Coalition policy of expanding fibre through the backbone then going to the kerb, with scaled expansion would have cost approx AUD4-5Billion in 2007 dollars, when it was their election policy.

      The Rudd-Conroy Axis of Stupidity decided that a logical, affordable, progressive rollout had to be trumped by big numbers - hence a figure out of the air - 42Billion, with a net cost of 26Billion (after private sector buy-in).

      There was not even a back of the envelope costing or a Compaq table napkin business plan.

      So Turnbull is attacking in the wrong place.

      Either get him out of there, or get him better advice.

  2. Dr. Mouse

    OK, stopped reading

    when I got to the fourth paragraph and noticed the 2nd spelling mistake of one name.

    Please, el'Reg, proof read your articles. If you can't be bothered to do this, I can't be bothered reading them (unless you are going to start paying me to report the mistakes!)

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