back to article Chinese whispers point to Huawei bid for Motorola

Huawei remained tight lipped today on rumours that the Chinese handset giant is set to sign a deal for ailing mobile biz Motorola just eight months after Google splashed $12.5bn on acquiring the firm. The Chinese telecoms equipment maker, which has ambitious growth plans for its global handset business, told The Reg it had no …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    US Congress

    ..will not allow that ot happen.

    1. Dave's Jubblies
      Thumb Down

      Re: US Congress

      Like it didn't allow the sale of IBM PC assets to Lenovo?

      1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

        Re: US Congress

        Lenovo werent a major player in cellular comms afaik.

        Huawei are.

        Plus its obvious the CIA/FBI/MI5/TLA obviously have a hardon against them. (Or their political masters do - which amounts to the same thing.

        Besides I bet IBM own contribute to far more politicians than google do.

  2. JetSetJim


    H// have long been trying to buy something of the original Moto (allegedly). Rumour had it as being in the running for the purchase of the GSM Networks biz just before NSN snapped it up - possibly as MSI expected this deal to be more palatable to US Congress.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Huawei ?

    Does anyone in the "western" world actually run Huawei on their production network ?

    1. CrustyDanBear

      Re: Huawei ?

      LOL, BT's 21CN runs on Huawei kit, plus all the mobile network providers in the UK and beyond. If you work in telecoms in the "West", then you would have used their kit.

      1. Danny 14

        Re: Huawei ?

        pretty much every mobile 3G dongle is a rebranded huawei.

  4. NeverYouMind

    Twas expected

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if Google kept the patents, gave Moto an unlimited licence to use them and flogged the business off. Would make the most sense afterall.

    Providing Moto's encrypted phones / walkie-talkie business unit are kept in US-hands (like Congress or the FTC would probably order), then I doubt Congress would block Google's sale of Moto to Huawei.

    If Moto was essentially Google's preferred choice to do Android handsets then it would definately piss off the likes of Samsung or HTC.

  5. Dan Paul

    Congress Should NOT Allow This Sale to Happen!!!

    It is preposterous to think that the US Congress or FTC should allow Huawei to buy any part of Motorola.

    Motorola is exactly the kind of company that needs to stay in the hands of USA interests if only to prevent further Chinese encroachment.

    First they came for IBM PC's, and I didn't speak up because I always bought Dell.

    Then they came for Motorola, and I didn't speak up because I'd rather use Samsung.

    Then Huawei had everything they needed to gut the rest of the small ASIC processor business and the "Western" world was screwed.

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