back to article Cloud WAR! Open season on Amazon for cloudy rivals

The industry's most promising cloud platforms have one thing in common: none of them are winning. At least, not if we equate "winning" with "lots of users" and "lots of revenue" or, more simply put, with "displacing Amazon Web Services." Even so, competition between the big contenders - OpenStack (Rackspace), CloudFoundry ( …


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  1. Hollow

    How the hell...... you write this article, without even mentioning!?! I mean seriously! You talk about IaaS and PaaS and all the individual clouds own management portals, yet absolutely no mention whatsoever, of the one thing out there, that makes cloud "Truly usable", come on Matt, WTF!

  2. Mike Ely 1

    Stack *this*

    I deal with cloudy thingies and virtualization all day when at work. That said, when I hear how everybody is "stack" this and "stack" that (remember when we all wore a "hat" in our company logo?), all I can think of is this, potentially NSFW, performance:

    In my idealized won't-never-happen world, marketroids will realize that buzzwords really suck.

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