back to article Toshiba prices up 13in monster tablet

Reg Hardware Gizmo Week logo small Toshiba will out its 13.3in, 1600 x 900 monster Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet in the US this coming June. It'll have new 7.7in and 10.1in fondleslabs out then too. Toshiba Excite 13 13.3in Android tablet All three will be part of its Excite range over there - Europeans have to …


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  1. IGnatius T Foobar

    cheap pls

    Everyone's missing out on the opportunity. The first manufacturer who comes out with an inexpensive Android tablet that does not suck, will run away with the commodity market. We are still at the point where if you price an Android tablet comparably to an iPad, most people would just go buy the iPad.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      ployer 7"

      under £90 on Amazon

      <- happy user

    2. ThomH

      Re: cheap pls

      Is that first manufacturer not Amazon? Albeit that they're frustratingly restricting their product to the US only for the time being. And that £200 exactly iPad sized Android tablet you can get through Argos that was reviewed here recently looked pretty good for us Brit types.

  2. ItsNotMe


    ...waiting on a 27" tablet myself. Don't need any of these "toys" with smaller screens. Waste of time.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Huge, but underpowered

    13" is going to be way too big for most people. And it has a moderately high-res screen coupled with a tegra 3 - well known for having plenty of CPU power but a wimpy GPU. Wimpy GPU + big screen = welcome to jerkville.

    Prices aren't exactly great either. The iPad 2 is similarly powerful and has a much better software library for less money, and the iPad 3 is only a little more (or maybe not with UK pricing - assuming they're US prices).

    1. Silverburn

      Re: Huge, but underpowered

      Tsk, tsk - you dared to compare it negatively to the iPad. In full view of the fandroids.

      Valid points or not, it's downvote-ville for you...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What we need is the Gi-Pad!

    It's time to start.

    Rock concert movement #1: the one-armed fist pump

    Ready Go

  5. Lloyd

    I think not

    I already have 10 inches, I don't think my wife can handle a 13 inches no matter how much she might want it.

  6. Gerrit Hoekstra

    One kilogram in weight?

    That's over 2 pounds in weight in old money. This is hardly a portable, hand-held device any more. Imagine the hand fatigue of having to hold it in one hand while stabbing at it with the other to make it do something useful. What is its case made of - depleted uranium?

  7. Gordon 10

    Oh dear

    Weight - huge - flawed.

    Screen res - meh not great for size.

    Use cases - any?

    Battery life - unknown.

  8. qwarty

    poor 13" screen format/resolution once more - will they never learn?

    Excite 13 resolution of 13.3in, 1600 x 900. 138dpi is too pixelated for 2012 expectations except at extreme budget end of market. What is it about tablet viewing distance that Toshiba and others don't get?

    I'd expect 1080p minimum on a 13" 16:9 like this. 16:10 would be a better choice for widescreen tablet though.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: poor 13" screen format/resolution once more - will they never learn?

      Viewing distance? It's obviously for people with "far longer arms, but who are quite incapable of drinking coffee", or something.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Make it work with a pressure / tilt sensitive pen and I'll sign up right now. Make it work with photoshop too and I'll sign up... right nower.

    Until such time as I can afford a Cintiq, I will continue to hold out on ludicrous hopes like this.

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