back to article China sets up association to handle rare earth disputes

The Chinese government has set up a new association for companies in the rare earth industry which will be tasked with promoting development and handling international trade disputes in the increasingly fractious sector. State-run Xinhua reported on Sunday that the body will feature 155 members including heavy weights such as …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    China cuts back on mining for "environmental reasons."

    I think my BS detector is red-lining.

  2. Muckminded

    "Rare" earths: they're everywhere

    and nowhere, like non-Japanese ninjas, in rock form.

    Anyway, an association comprised completely of insiders is called a monopoly. Or a joke.

  3. Christoph

    Those fiendish orientals ...

    ... are actually daring to use the same tricks that we've been pulling for centuries! Haven't they heard of Intellectual Property?

  4. Schultz

    Darn Chinese!

    Weren't they supposed to produce cheaply? They will break the world economy -- just as we break the internet and before you know it'll be the dark ages again!

  5. asdf

    China playing a dangerous game

    The fact is China has to be real careful here. Western Democracies have already proven they can withstand a massive downturn without full scale revolution (the PIIGS 3rd world club aside). The Chinese communist haven't. Trade wars tend to get in the way of economic growth.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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