back to article EMC VSPEX storage torpedo could sink FlexPods

The consensus among storage insiders is that NetApp and Cisco's FlexPods are in EMC's sights with its coming VSPEX validated bundle of bits. El Reg storage desk thinks the thing may be FlexPod-like. So rather than being a "product" like the VCE Vblock, VSPEX may be an architectural template or reference document specifying a …


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  1. Radek
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    FlexPod ain't a bad idea ;)

    If this rumour proves to be true, then NetApp in my view will bag another 'psychological' win over EMC. Unified Storage message tempted EMC a while ago & now they are 'unified too' in a form of VNX. Now it turns out that a concept of a reference architecture, i.e. FlexPod, can be more tempting than a product, i.e. VBlock. That's just a speculation though - shortly we will see what EMC is really up to!

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