back to article Anonymous turns its fire on China

Hacktivist group Anonymous has finally turned its attention to the People’s Republic of China, claiming to have defaced more than 480 web sites over the past few days including government sites, whilst urging Chinese hackers to join its cause. The group apparently began its campaign in the region with the launch of its …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The great breach of China?

  2. Khaptain Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    Carefull, be vary carefull

    I am not convinced that "fucking over" the Chinese government is such a great idea. The Chinese don't play by the same rules and if push comes to shove, the results could be dire.

    In the west some of what Anonymous does can be considered "fun" although not all of it. I don't think the Chinese government will see it quite that way.

    As I am led to believe, the Chinese are quite already very strong in hacking and Anonymous might just be treading on the wrong turf........

    I agree with some of the principals behind what Anonymous are "hacking/fighting" for but if they are gonna get a little too big headed then I feel that they need to sit down and really reconsider their purpose.

    They are more likely to do harm to the Chinese people than the Chinese government. Retribution is a word that Anonymous have to keep in mind.

    1. Usually Right or Wrong

      Re: Carefull, be vary carefull

      How is this different from the proposed Anonymous hack of Los Zetas and other Mexican drugs cartels. They backed out of that one but now walk into this one and expect not to be found and taken to task?

      And who in their right mind in China would help them and not have problems with the authorities. They need to pick battles where the fallout only impacts the intended target, this does not look like one of those battles, there is way too much scope for collateral damage.

    2. Silverburn

      Re: Carefull, be vary carefull

      Indeed - I've also notice that the 'sense of mischief' seems to have vanished from their rhetoric, replaced with something more sinister and threatening.

      This could have been a good prank - playing the chinese at their "supposed" own hacking game. No compromising data has been lifted either, going by the article, so will this encourage *any* change for the better?

    3. Ian McNee

      Re: Carefull, be vary carefull - it's not that simple

      Both the anons and some of the commentards here seem to have a very naive view of Chinese society based on the one dimensional picture painted by western governments and media.

      Whilst there is exploitation, repression and social unrest in China (ummm..and that's so different from the USA et al how??) there is also a lot of popular patriotic support for the country and the national government as well - largely based on the huge economic advances China has made over the past three decades.

      That popular support is unsurprisingly reflected in the hacker culture within China e.g. the Honker Union. If I were one of the anons that participated in this rather futile defacement spree I'd be more worried about having my life pWn3d by patriotic Chinese hacktivists than some kind of reprisal from the Chinese authorities.

      1. crowley

        Re: Carefull, be vary carefull - it's not that simple

        Agreed - If I was one of the 400 million people lifted out of poverty in the last decade, I'd probably be quite patriotic and willing to overlook the failings of the state.

        Speaking of which, watching that Nial Fergusson program on China, and the reasons why they are so wary of dissent (16M / 20M dead in Lotus and that other -religious- rebellion) made me a little curious as to why they crush both new religious threats (Falun Gong), but also that artist guy who could serve as a useful channel to diffuse frustrations by working with him to modernise China's political processes and address faults, without risking a collaboration of legitimate dissent with the religious nutcases and a greater chance of explosive rebellion.

        Oh well. It'll be interesting to see if the presidents hint at new reforms carries through to anything. Hopefully they'll design a system of overseeing/counterbalancing/opposing functionaries to erode corruption at lower levels of the state machine.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Carefull, be vary carefull - it's not that simple

          "Agreed - If I was one of the 400 million people lifted out of poverty in the last decade, I'd probably be quite patriotic and willing to overlook the failings of the state."

          Indeed. It's always been a bit of an awkward historical fact that the Nazis were actively supported by the people of Germany because they gave them jobs. Post-war this had to be ignored and everyone more or less agreed that the people simply didn't know that Hitler and co were monsters. But, really, they knew fine well. They just didn't care because they were being monsters to *other people* while throwing the bread and circuses to the majority of Germans.

          As is generally the case, modern Fascist China is no different from 1930's Fascist Germany.

      2. kirovs

        Re: Carefull, be vary carefull - it's not that simple

        And you know that Chinese hackers did not participate or even start the attack how?

        1. Ian McNee

          Re: Carefull, be vary carefull - it's not that simple

          @kirovs: read the article...

          "...the group’s messages on Pastebin and posted on the defaced sites will largely have failed to reach their audience given that they were written in English.

          Anonymous seems to be working on the latter issue, however, having sent a tweet out calling for help from would-be translators."

          Chinese hackers? Perhaps not after all.

  3. jake Silver badge

    For "fire" ...

    ... read "wet squib".

    The annonytwats aren't doing anyone any good ... all they are doing is giving governments around the world good excuses to quash civil liberties.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: For "fire" ...

      Like they need an excuse!

  4. Asiren

    My condolences...

    It was fun(ish) while it lasted, Anon.

    You won't really be missed.

  5. danielwalewis

    That's a little optimistic....

    "today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall"

    1. Blunderbuss
      Thumb Up

      Re: That's a little optimistic....

      Yes, tomorrow is a public holiday, they'll probably wait until tuesday at the earliest...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More harm than good?

    Perhaps it will do more than good. Now the Chinese can tell the population that they really are being attacked by the West and the Great Firewall is there to keep them safe...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Welcome to Shitty Wok

      Stupid Mongorians...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't stir up the hornets nest

    This could rapidly backfire on them big time.

    China do play by different rules and has teams of state sponsored hackers at their disposal. (just ask Google and the others about their past hacks)

    So the script kiddies vs the state sponsored hackers backed by a regime notorious for its human rights abuses? Who would you bet on winning?

    1. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects
      Thumb Up

      Come fiendly fire and fall on them and RSVP back again.

      You think telling a generation of hackers how to hack will protect a country from hackers?

      How did you work that out?

      If you train people how to hack, they will teach others how to hack. Soon everyone who want to know will know how to hack and thus ....

      Well, think about it.

      It is the plague of Thebes Oppenheimer was talking about when he learned of the Hydrogen bomb.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Don't stir up the hornets nest

      Well, who did *you* bet on winning when all that Sudetenland shit was jumping off?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's a good job for Anonymous that leaders in Chinese culture deal very well with loss of face and being made to look foolish in public.

    Oh, hang on...

  9. JDX Gold badge

    Irresponsible idiots

    >>whilst urging Chinese hackers to join its cause

    Yeah good idea. You guys sit on another continent playing your games, and encourage the locals to be the ones who will get the rap when they follow your lead.

    Still, if the Chinese government acts about hackers, it'll give anon something else to retaliate too which is ultimately more important to them than any ethical cause.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Typical US meddling

    tbh it is this kind of US meddling in everyone else's business without thinking first that has encouraged a lot of the trouble and terrorism that they now face.

    a) they should get their own house in order before they start preaching to others

    b) stop buying cheap ipods/trainers, etc that are made in sweatshops if they are that worried

    c) don't take on the world's biggest superpower

    d) there are far worse things going on to deal with if you take a step back from the anti-communist propaganda for just one moment

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Typical US meddling

      What exactly has anything happening in China today got to do with Communism?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Typical US meddling

        China was and is a communist police state.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Typical US meddling

          No it isn't. It's corporate-fascist.

  11. adam payne

    Oh well

    I'm quite sure the Chinese government are shaking in their boots around about now.

  12. ISYS

    Mis-leading photo

    Please stop using the photo of the girl with the large **CENSORED**

    I always fall for it and end up in some boring story about bored teenagers trying to save the world by breaking in to websites!


  13. Armando 123


    So we have anonymous vs China. It's like that hypothetical knife-fight between Hitler and Stalin: you just hope it goes the distance.

    [Gets out the old pot, oil, butter, and popcorn]

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's not Anonymous...

    It's a desperate Android fanboy hoping that the Chinese will retaliate by stopping production of iProducts. :-)

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Toppling a vile Chinese regime is fine

    But half an hour later you are still in need to invade someplace else.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Subtle, nice touch...

    They used the _traditional_ characters for China (中國) instead of the PRC standardised Simplified characters (中国) in the title bar.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ever tried contacting a Chinese network about them hosting criminals? The APNIC records have been fake or obsolete for at least a decade. Go upstream and those records are fake too. It's quite clear that the government is not running the show. Anon probably targeted crime gangs, whether that was the intention or not. I congratulate them but I wouldn't want to be them. I'm afraid that my participation is not possible due my firewall configuration.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't act without thinking

    Anyone with ties to China PLEASE use the utmost care before you act. China also has far better "crowd control" than Libya or Egypt had. One mistake may cost you your life or years of hard labor. Especially if you have future "potential", don't blow it now making novice mistakes.

    How I wish they had been successful in 1989:

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A11 y0ur ch0pst1ck b3l0ng t0 us!

    Hey Sabu, how do you spell "Bubba" in Chinese ?

  20. itzman

    makes you long for the days...

    when the internet was something geeks in universities had access to and everyone else watched match of the day, instead..

    Let's invent a new protocol and go and play somewhere else..

  21. Ben Norris
    Black Helicopters

    General Ignorance

    Have any of these commentors ever been to China? It is simply not this sinister oppresive regime that people are making it out to be. Yes, there are examples of injustice but not any more so than you can find in the US. There arn't death squads roaming the country hunting down people who look the wrong way!

    You need to broaden your horizons and try learning a little bit about a situation before you stick your oar in.

  22. mhenriday
    Big Brother

    Well, Phil, are you now supporting Anonymous attacks on government sites,

    so long as these sites happen to originate in the People's Republic ? Or do you support Anonymous attacks on *all* government sites, even those of so-called «democratic» countries, which spend their time bringing their version of «democracy» - Aristoteles would rather have called it «plutocracy» - to other countries by means of interminable wars of aggression made palatable for domestic consumption by calling them «humanitarian intervention» or «R2P» ? For some odd reason, you're being less than forthright here....


    1. Blitterbug

      Re: Well, Phil, are you now supporting Anonymous attacks on government sites,

      Parsing that lot gave me a headache! And what's with the chevrons?

  23. whybotherme

    "So expect us because we do not forgive, never. "

    There is a grammar check in WinWord 2.0.

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