back to article Condom compartment hidden in iPhone case

Australian Company Annex Products has unveiled* an iPhone case with a sliding compartment designed to store two condoms without revealing the popular prophylactics' telltale bulge. The idea for the product, according to a promotional video, came after a young Australian man visited his girlfriend's home for the first time, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Homophone school. Either you've been or you've not.

    1. >Geoff

      Re: Um...

      Discreetly done :)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      yeah ok

      And for the average fanbois most of these condoms will be well past their use by date even if they ever see the light of day.

      1. JDX Gold badge

        Re: yeah ok

        No you're thinking of Android users.

        1. JDX Gold badge

          Re: yeah ok

          I love the downvotes to my post, suggesting Android users really think people who use Adnroid are cooler than those using Apple. OK guys I'm sure you'd be absolute hits with the ladies explaining how you're an individual and not won over by superficial things like appearance... if you ever met any ladies that is. And I'm sure when they met you they'd be able to tell things like appearance weren't your priority without you spelling it out.

          1. Richard 81

            Re: yeah ok

            I think you'll find one's success in these matters has little or nothing to do with the phone you own.

    3. Ted Treen

      Re: Um...

      Come again...

  2. Someone Else Silver badge

    I saw what you did there...

    "Dubbed the “Playa”, the case is said to be "coming soon"."

    At least, that's the plan....

  3. LaeMing

    I guess the lad's parents

    would have preferred their daughter playing with STDs and teen pregnancy.

    My mum gave us all a condom to play with in our early teens. Not so we would actually go out and find a boy (or girl for my brother) to use it with, but just to open and look at and know what it was all about when the time came. (My mum wasn't even what you would call 'sexually progressive' in those days, though she has mellowed a lot in her senior years).

    1. LaeMing

      Re: I guess the lad's parents

      ^ lass' parents that is, the lad's parents may have given him the things (if they had any sense).

  4. Ketlan

    'Dubbed the “Playa”, the case is said to be "coming soon".'


    1. LinkOfHyrule
      Paris Hilton

      You're hardly a "playa" if you only carry a maximum of two johnnys on you at any one time. Speaking as man who has to buy rubbers in bulk, this would cost me a fortune in iPhones!

      1. Benedict

        buy rubbers in bulk, but post on the register with the name "LinkOfHyrule"? Bullshit meter is going WOO-WOO-WOO.

        1. LinkOfHyrule

          I buy in bulk and use the johnnys on sex toys mate, makes clean up a breeze. So yes, typical register reader here.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Two birds a day doesn't make you a player?

  5. DAN*tastik

    "The Register is making inquiries to learn if the Playa can cope with common condom sizes, namely Huge, Gigantic, Colossal and Enormous"

    If you want to discreetly carry those on you, you'll have to get a tablet that doesn't overheat, otherwise you're just looking for trouble :)

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

      According to "Good morning Vietnam!"

      the sizes are:




  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Did I really get in before the first predictable commentardery, linking iPhone ownership and the chances of getting to use said condom?

    The 'tards all on holiday for Easter?

  7. Graysonn

    Also handy for stashing drugs.

    1. MrT

      If there's room for two of one...

      ... there's room for one of each.

      A case of crack on, crack off.

  8. John F***ing Stepp


    I guess you could store a couple of SD cards (or would that then be STD cards?) instead.

    1. Ioannis

      Re: Oh

      Only if you've been slotting these cards in the wrong which case you're overdue for a "honey bees and flowers" discussion

  9. auburnman

    'Dubbed the “Playa” '

    Were they worried 'iPlaya' would cause confusion with the BBC broadcast on demand service?

    1. LinkOfHyrule

      Re: 'Dubbed the “Playa” '

      It might cause confusion with people with eye fetishes - I believe the more extreme ones are known as "eye-players" in the BDSM community!

  10. lansalot


    Ah come on... New case "unveiled" ?

    Opportunity missed with "New case un-sheathed", surely...

  11. Pete the not so great
    Paris Hilton


    Is there a Viagra pill holder built in too ?

  12. JMB

    Shouldn't the sizes use the technical terms said to have been used by NASA for their urine collection devices (male only at that time) - Huge, Enormous and Unbelievable.

  13. Alister

    We should only encourage...

    ...any efforts made to stop iPhone owners from breeding unchecked.

  14. Nick Pettefar

    Is that normal behaviour, throwing your wallet onto a table? Confused.

  15. Risky

    @Nick Pettefar

    I think throwing your wallet on the table may be part of the courtship dance in for some people......

    1. Ted Treen

      Re: @Nick Pettefar

      That nice Mr Ecclestone, or Mr Murdoch might take exception to that...

      1. Jimbo 6

        Re: normal behaviour

        Good job he didn't chuck his car keys in the fruit bowl.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And the parents are shocked he is carrying condoms??

    I don't have a daughter but I'd be concerned if I did and her boyfriend did NOT have a condom on him when they went out alone.....

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Hides the telltale bulge, but then writes PLAYA in big shiny script across the case.

    Anyway, that's not the bulge most teenagers need to restrain!

  18. Martin Maloney

    Well, somebody had to post this

    "The Register is making inquiries to learn if the Playa can cope with common condom sizes, namely Huge, Gigantic, Colossal and Enormous. ®"

    con-do-min-i-um [kon-duh-min-ee-uhm]


    the smallest size

  19. Old Handle

    Wouldn't the heat from the phone cause latex to degrade rather quickly? Probably no harm if you just keep them in there for one night out, but all jokes aside, if the idea is to have a couple on hand I suspect this is not a good way to do it.

  20. Why Not?

    All I can say is - The extras got there first on most of the jokes.

    I've got a rubber in my wallet.

    One of those little whatchamacallit's.

    I'm savin' it for that special day.

    When the right girl comes my way.


    It leaves a circular impression

    From all those years of compression.

    I've had it since I turned thirteen.

    I got it in a vend'n machine.



    Circ circ circular impression!

    Leading to a state of depression!

    In my walla walla walla walla wallet!

    I can't wait to install it!


    No! I can't wait!


    It's in a little tinfoil packet.

    Sometimes I'm tempted to unwrap it.

    It's got a reinforced border.

    I hope it's still in working order.


    Still makes me smile

  21. John H Woods Silver badge


    Surely the Beeb will complain

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