back to article Amazon shops for content to fuel international Kindle Fire

Amazon is hustling for content, rights and product on all platforms as it gears up to launch the new video friendly Kindle Fire to international markets. Amazon’s head of global video Anthony Bay delivered a MipTv keynote with the message, “if you not talking to us, you should be.” With digital ruling the roost at the online …


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  1. stuartnz

    It will be interesting to see the Fire go up against the Google Tablet. Hopefully by the time the Fire's available up here in NZ, Google's own offering will also be available to give competition and choice in the non-premium tablet market. Two years of happy Kindle ownership predisposes me toward the Fire, but if Google can out-spec it for a similar price, I'm prepared to be fickle.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    by 'international' they mean _all_ countries and not just _selected_ countries, right? I still don't understand why digital stores would not sell their digital goods to customer from 'other' countries.

    P.S. By 'other' countries I mean the countries where they don't have a digital store to serve them.

    1. David Evans

      re: "other countries"

      I'm pretty sure its NOT "all countries" and is just "selected countries", so long as media owners sell rights by territory, Amazon will have to tailor content to suit. For example I very much doubt Amazon will offer the Kindle Fire here in Ireland at all; it takes just as long to do all the deals with rights holders and collection agencies in a country of 4m people as it does in a country of 60m, so where are they likely to concentrate their efforts?

      I only have to look at my PS3 or my SmartTV (Netflix, and....that's it) to see that small countries are destined to become digital backwaters unless something is done to make the rights process simpler (maybe at EU level?)

  3. Rick Eastwood


    I was wondering what my go-go gadget wallet was going to open next for. I think we have an answer :-)

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