back to article Report: Facebook working to improve its 'search' technology

Facebook is reportedly working on an overhaul to its clumsy search option. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, which cites two people familiar with the project, the company is attempting to improve the feature. Lars Rasmussen - who built the original Google Maps alongside his brother Jens before taking charge of the unloved …


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  1. Aaron Em

    Considering how badly Bing sucks

    I don't blame the Zuckerherd for cooking up their own replacement...

  2. David 164

    Just go and look at Google+ search features, Facebooks will be virtually identical, just like most of their other improvements have been.

  3. dssf

    LOL! Mac's

    It's fun and funny for me when I observe a Mac or some Apple computer (desktop or laptop) in a movie, in an advert, or where ever.

    But, isn't ms a huge investor (or end-vestor) of fb? I wonder if they now have a pre-screening clause (or claws) that will require regular, 'ole PCs showcasing win7 and those coming tiles.

    But, as for fb search. I refuse to use bing. If i inadvertently click it, I back out and explicitly go to google to search. I still have a little grudge against them, not hate or rage, but I am not beholden. Besides, to me, fb should give users a choice, not have searches default to bing. But, with 800M users, this is a way to ratchet up ms' serve-up numbers for advertisers.

    Is Zuckerberg running FB's advert arm or running ms' advert arm?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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