back to article Red Hat accelerates through $1bn in sales

"We think of Linux as a competitor in the student and hobbyist market but I really don't think in the commercial market we'll see it in any significant way." Bill Gates, 2001 You can't blame Red Hat for wanting to rub it in a little bit as it busted through its first $1bn year. Yes, El Reg knows that numbers are not barriers, …


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  1. llewton

    well huzzah!

    true linux leaders

    1. Vic

      > true linux leaders

      What I like most about this is that RH are one of the most successful Linux companies around and they do what others slaim cannot be profitable.

      RH believes in the *spirit* of Free Software, and goes beyond what is required to stay within the licences.

      Others - and I'm not going to name names because I've got enough downvotes this week as it is - seem to do as little as they can to stay compliant, and try to gain revenue through "open-core" strategies and simialr. They all seem to do comparatively poorly...


      1. llewton

        you don't have to name names. the community knows those names well.

        although i run debian for work and play.. i respect red hat because they understand they must give back in order for what they take to be worth anything. simple fact, but it escapes many "linux-leader" wannabes. so although this is really a time for their shareholders to rejoice, anyone who runs any type of linux should also be pleased. for the linux community red hat is the success story, our good name, big upstream contributor, and like i said, leader.

  2. beep54

    Time flies!

    Wow, the fourth quarter of 2012 ends in Feb. 2012? Who knew?

    1. fandom

      Re: Time flies!

      That's the way fiscal years work

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Linux will never be suitable for the enterprise

    Linux will never be suitable for the enterprise and it'll never replace the mighty Windows especially with the amazing Windows 8 coming out next year. While I agree initially the cost for kitting up an organisation in Linux with some cheap distro is next to nothing in the long term the total cost of ownership is far too expensive compared to Windows. The fact that a man wearing a Red Hat has made 1 billion proves this. If the TCO on linux was cheaper they'd never have hit a billion.....

    1. Odd Einar

      Re: Linux will never be suitable for the enterprise

      There sure must be a lot of rich hobbyist around to to spend that much on Red Hat!

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