New version of XBMC released!

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  1. PikeyDawg

    New version of XBMC released!

    Woohoo - best MC EVAR!!!!ELEVEN

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: New version of XBMC released!

      Not to be provocative, but what's so good about this?

      1. Tim Parker

        Re: New version of XBMC released!

        Well it is a jolly good media centre, at a rather spiffing price - although i'll warrant it'd be hard-pressed to live up to Mr.Dawg's review.

        1. PikeyDawg

          Re: New version of XBMC released!

          Re: Tim - "although i'll warrant it'd be hard-pressed to live up to Mr.Dawg's review"

          Fair enough - I was being a bit of a fanboi there :)

          Re: DrewC

          In fairness, it might not be the easiest (Plex maybe?) MC around, and doesn't have a PVR built in (yet) like WMC, but it is the most extensible (people have integrated it with everything from Netflix to Game Emulators), most content-compatible (it plays pretty much everything you can throw at it out of the box), and cross-platform compatible (supported on Linux, Windows, OSX, and iOS - and has a free remote control app for Android) MC around.

          With enough effort - nothing is free after all - you can get an experience that almost rivals the Kaleidescape systems - which used to sell for more than $30k. Not bad for free + hardware - and just to put it in context, I have it running on one single core Atom + Ion nettop that I bought for $180 - pushing 1080p.

          Specific to the new release (Eden - v11.0) they've added real - not experimental - support for iOS (Apple TVs and iPads in particular), GPU hardware acceleration under Linux for AMD (this used to be limited to Nvidia), and MySQL for the configuration back-end (allowing you to stop a movie in one room and pick up where you left off in another)... among MANY other changes and improvements.

          Looks like there will also be a version for the Raspberry Pi at some point in the future - they've already demonstrated it running 1080p video.

          1. Spudbynight

            Re: New version of XBMC released!

            Funnily I found it easier to work with than Plex.

            I was using Plex on Windows and I kept running into issues.

            I think Mac people find Plex more straightforward (more mature on that platform?)

  2. jorgesalarcon

    Thanks for sharing the news on the release here at

  3. stonecatch

    That's great news, I've been using XBMC and have no problems with it.

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