back to article Samsung joins Telstra's 4G handset party

Telstra now has two 4G-capable handsets competing for your telephonic pleasure and may have signalled the expansion or enhancement of its 4G network.. The newcomer is Samsung's GALAXY S II 4G, an 800x400, 4.5-inch, SuperAMOLED equipped handset with a 1.5GHz dual core processor. Android 2.3.6 (aka Gingerbread) is loaded onto …


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  1. wathend

    When 4G is not 4G

    Maybe the reason why they dropped the 5Km limit part is because they are quoting download and upload speeds that are more or less current 3G speeds. Face it, in Australia we are really limited to 3G until we get the 700MHz spectrum, 1800 won't cut it when it comes to penetration in built up cities and has a smaller cell coverage.

  2. Mr Ian

    I was in a good quality Telstra shop over the weekend and was speaking to a knowledgeable sheila about their 4G coverage. She brought up a map and it was much larger than what I have previously seen.

    This is the best I can find to reproduce what she had on hand.

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