back to article Intel comfortably conquers chip market in 2011

The chip heads at market watcher IHS iSuppli have tallied the sales figures for the world's semiconductor makers for 2011, and guess what? Intel won while just about everybody else, with a few notable exceptions, lost some ground. iSuppli said in a statement that worldwide chip revenues rose by 1.3 per cent in 2011, to $311. …


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  1. Mage

    Maybe Intel charge more.

    What are the volumes of chips?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Times, they are a changin'

    2011 was a wake-up call at AMD. Many problems reached the boiling point and people paid for those unresolved issues. Rory Read seems to have a plan and support for it from within and outside. GloFo seems to have 32nm sorted and 28nm coming for AMD CPU/APUs in '13. If AMD can pull their products a generation forward they can be back in the game across the board in a year. AMD's Trinity should be a wonderful building block for laptops and market share and Vishera/piledriver should keep things rolling for AMD.

  3. Scott L. Burson

    If you're going to use this meme, get it right!

    It should be: "All your transistor are belong to us".

    It's mangled English, remember?

  4. something

    How do they make those numbers...

    For example what is the cost of a Power chip, since IBM sells only systems? Or to scale down, what is the percentage of the Apple A5s since you cannot buy them unless you buy an idevice?

    1. Tchou

      Re: How do they make those numbers...

      I guess i doesn't matter if you can by it or not.

      I count as a sell for its maker. No Apple, no IBM.

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