back to article Snowboards and BIG DATA for WORLD PEACE

[After a minor accident snowboarding in Tignes this week, Mr Bong has submitted a shorter column than usual. Thank the Lord - ed.] Food Fight's Chief Creative Officer There was the usual kvetching from backward-looking naysayers and cynics after Wired covered the Shoreditch Tech scene this week. The reporter …


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  1. Chris Miller

    Real-time ship movements

    Are available at - I don't think they include all naval vessels, though :). Check out the English Channel and scare yourself silly next time you take a ferry!

  2. SkippyBing

    Live ship tracking?

    So like this then?

  3. Vulch

    Dear Hector

    Sorry, we can't find "Islas Malvinas" on the map so are unable to fulfill your request.

  4. Tim Parker

    Pain relief for this snowboarding accident, let me guess - morphine ?

    1. AdamWill

      Noooo. No.

      No, morphine is not what snowboarders take for pain relief.

      Snowboarders take something else for pain relief. They also take it for recreation. Also as a sleep aid. Muscle relaxant. Study aid. And, frequently, breakfast.

      It''s green. Come on. You can get there.

  5. dotdavid
    Thumb Up

    Good stuff

    Maybe write an iPhone app for submariners to use to share their location without having to go through that old-fashioned security-obsessed government of ours at all.

    "You are off the coast of the Falkland Islands. Check in here (y/n)?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I know it's just a spoof column, but reading it still makes me feel slightly nauseous. Even piss-taking on such an epic scale is barely enough to make it stand out as obviously fake from some of the non-fictional new media types out there.

  7. Neoc


    "whodayathink invented French Fries?" Not the French. Try Belgium, circa 1860.

    "Les Grandes Frommages" Nope. Frommage is a masculine noun in French, thus it would be "Les Grands Frommages".

    C'mon EL Reg, you've got a reputation on research accuracy to uphold.

    <BTW: I'm Australian. I just happen to do some research.>

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