back to article Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

At the core of zombie fiction lies a deep-seated sense of hopelessness and inevitability. That no matter how hard you fight, no matter how many lucky escapes you pull off, and no matter where you flee to, your eventual, grisly demise is assured by the indomitable Pepé Le Pews of horror. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I so wanted to enjoy

    the entire franchise but i cannot get on with the 3rd person perspective.

    Ruined a lot of games for me, GTA2>, Saints row, in fact nearly all rock star games.

    Hey Rockstar, how about a first person GTA or something similar.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I so wanted to enjoy

      Then don't play them. Being locked into a first person perspective really limits the number of original games you'd like if you ask me.

      Some people really don't like First Person games, and then others like myself enjoy both of them or games where the developer took the time to work on both first and third person perspectives. Bethesda's games are bugged like crazy on initial release usually (I swear it has to be their idea of deterring piracy) but they do have both perspectives in them and have since Morrowind in 2002.

      As far as a first person GTA game goes though, I honestly think it would really suck. Its not really a series thats geared toward that perspective.

  2. Bill Neal


    the game is too easy, but it is also too hard? A good one for the wife & kids perhaps? I'm confused.

    1. Kris Akabusi

      Re: So...

      Our lass loves the lego games, just trying to get 100% on the 2nd harry potter one at the min. Best one was Pirates, graphically and replayability was fantastic, totally recommend those for family friendly co-op play. Next on the list is Lego Star Wars (not clone wars as it was not fun at all).

  3. Kris Akabusi

    Been looking forward to this game ever since I saw it as a pre order on play, probably won't bother now.

  4. Martin Huizing
    Thumb Down

    Sorry, but... Steve Erwin jokes

    Too early.

    (I mean, you did refer to the image where it seemed the character was pierced through the chest by a tongue, right?)

    1. Toxteth O'Gravy

      Re: Sorry, but... Steve Erwin jokes


    2. Gordon 10

      Re: Sorry, but... Steve Erwin jokes

      Jeebus sensitive much?

      Too late I can understand too early is madness.

      How long has he been fertiliser now?

      And now I'm off to watch some 70's kids show from Gerry Anderson with some puppets in a submarine.

  5. ItsNotMe

    What absolute trash

    Can't believe people actually waste their lives/money on this crap.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What absolute trash

      What, the game, reading/writing the article, or the comments? Please clarify so we can waste more time voting on your comment.

  6. tmTM

    Bought it.

    Enjoyed it.

    Quite abit different to the other resident evil games I've played but it's still good fun, plenty of gore and blowing things heads off.

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